Monday, October 5, 2009

You know you are a mom when.....

You are at work and discover a Binky in your pocket.

You are never ALONE in the bathroom

The only Band-Aids you have in the house are Scooby -Doo

You can never catch up on the laundry

You find action figures in your purse when you are looking for a pen.

You sport the ever so popular ponytail hairstyle more that you want too.

You keep your make-up in the car in case of emergencies ,because you hardly ever wear any any way

You buy Apple Juice in large quantities

You say things like "Stop Putting that matchbox car on your Brothers Eyeball !"

When bringing 1 child with you to run a errand seams like a vacation



Melissa said...

You've been wearing the same clothes for 3 days and think nothing of going out in public in them!
Email me and I'll talk you through copy and past!
melissagmeyer512 at gmail dot com

Lucco Girls said...

When you consider 4 hours of sleep a good nights sleep!

Carly said...

Both of these are soooo true !