Friday, October 30, 2009

Monkey boy's Costume's Of Halloween's Past!

On the Eve of Halloween I thought I would share with you Monkey Boy's costumes through the years. Monkey boy was born Oct 11 2004 . I wanted to take him to the mall to have a professional picture done for his 1st Halloween. My husband on the other hand was scared to take this little Colicky baby anywhere. Thus prompted the home photograph of baby Monkey boy in a velour Lil Pumpkin sleeper and hat.

For Monkey Boy's first Halloween where he could kinda go Trick or Treating we decided to be a Baby Darth Vader. He was so cute walking around asking for Candy that he had never tasted in his life thus far.

When Monkey boy was 2 he wanted to be Spider Man. I do not think he ever saw the show, but somehow he knew this is what he wanted to be! I still remember the sound of his little baby voice saying Spider Mammm!

When we were 3 we were going to be a Firefighter,but at the last minute decided to be a Cowboy. I sent my Cousin Danyel out to pick up Cow boy boots day of from Walmart. We could not be a proper Cowboy with out Cow boy boots.

Last Year When Monkey boy was 4 he decided it was Transformer Time! Here he is standing next to his favorite girlfriend who he calls Princess. He tells me he is going to marry her. LOL

This year he has lots of Costumes in his dress up box to choose from. Grandma bought him a big boy Darth Vader costume. He sometimes changes his mind at the last minute now that he is older. I hope he decides to be Darth Vader because the costume is so cute. We find out on Halloween what this newly 5 year boy will be !


Amy said...

He is so cute. My little one was a little candy girl kind of on Halloween she was in the hospital because she was born the day before. Then a Bones Girl... and now Little Mermaid. I will have pictures next week sometime. Have a fun Halloween with your boys.

Tracey said...

What a cutie! Logan knows exactly he wants to be months before Halloween. And this is Sophie's first dress up one. So I have me a fire truck and a dalmation. Thanks for the B-day wishes!

Helene said...

Awwww, love all the costumes...he's so adorable! I'm impressed that at the young age of 4 he was willing to wear a mask with his costume. This is the first year that Cole wanted to wear a mask with his costume and he just turned 5!

Hope you have a fun and safe Halloween!

Denise said...

I LOVE all the costumes!! They just grow up way too fast!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. The diaper that Melanie is wearing in my Leg Hugger review is a Chunky Monkey Embroidered pocket diaper. I won it last Spring in the Great Cloth Diaper Hunt.

Here's a link to their site

Lucco Girls said...

OMG how cute!

Jonathan said...

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