Tuesday, October 6, 2009

But I Want To Turn 5 !

I went to the Mall on Sunday to pick up my Lil worms 6 month pictures. I brought Monkey boy with me and Daddy stayed home with Lil worm. We had a very busy weekend. We went to Great America on Friday and on Saturday Monkey boy had his 1st sleepover ever. He was so over tired. We were in the mall and he threw himself on the ground and was crying over not getting a gumball. We immediately left the mall. I was kinda frustrated that I didn't get to do any window shopping. Normally Monkey boy is a great shopping partner. We were in the car on the way home and I told him I was disappointed at the way he acted. I told him he was grounded from his Nintendo D.S.. He did not like this and he proceeded to tell me the meanest things this almost 5 year old could think of. " I hate you Mommy" ya that one hurts even though I know he is just over tired and has a hard time getting out his frustration. I then replied that "Maybe I should ground him from his upcoming Birthday Party" I wanted him to stop shouting out mean things from the backseat of the car. Then he replied "But I want to turn 5! "
I thought that was such a funny concept to him. If he didn't have his Birthday Party he would stay 4. I only wish this was true then I could stay 32 . We talked about his behavior later that night when all was calm. I also need to realize that sometimes as parents we want to cram so much fun things in 1 Weekend and really these little kids cannot handle being off there schedule.


Lucco Girls said...

Schedule is so important. Poor little guy just wants to turn 5! That's too funny...and so so so very cute!

Helene said...

That is so cute that he thought without a birthday party that he wouldn't turn 5. SO cute!!

My kids always try to hurt me by saying "Daddy's nicer than you". But then they come running to me when he says no to them about something, saying "Daddy's so mean".

Family American Style. said...

That is so adorable. It’s funny how things work out. When you’re young you want to be older and when you’re older you want to be younger. The funny part is how young it all starts.