Thursday, December 2, 2010

Kind Of A funny Cloth Diapering Story

When I was in the Hospital with Princess we were using the disposable diapers they provided for us. The Nurses need to keep track of have many #1 and #2 she was doing. They would ask me and most of the time I replied that she did #2(Breastfeed),but not sure if she did #1. Finally a Nurse looked at me...Like I was Crazy and told me that if the Baby wets the Pampers have a line in the front that changes color on the outside. I laughed so hard, and told her that I use Cloth at home and am not use to all this high-tech disposables!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Princess was Born!

The Morning of Oct 13. 2010 I had a Non Stress Test apt because My Dr was out of town on vacation and my Little Girl tried to escape at 27 weeks and 34 so I was under close watch. I was exactly 39 weeks to the day. If my Dr was in town he would have scheduled my repeat C-Section for that Morning, but I was suppose to wait til Oct 18 when he would be back. I got to my apt and it took a very long time for the baby to move. The ultrasound tech gave me apple juice and had me lay in all different positions to get Princess to move. She finally moved at 1 min to spare or she would have failed my Non stress test. Being so close to failing she sent me upstairs to be put on the Monitors. I sat on the monitors for about a hour was having some contractions so the Nurse sent me to labor and delivery floor to be monitored on their machines. The Nurse there took my blood and said since I was not contracting regularly and was not dilated they were going to send me home. She took me off the machine,but told me to wait till she had the results of the Blood work. Just then it happened my contractions were coming closer and were getting stronger. I turned on the news channel. They have the time posted at the bottom corner so I could time the contractions myself. They were coming every 7 to 8 min. I called the Nurse and told her to put me back on the Machine. I told her as soon as she took me off they started coming regularly. To her Surprise I was contacting regularly. She called the on on-call Dr and updated him. She was told to watch me for at least a hour and see if I would start to dilate. I informed her that I have NEVER dilated with my 2 previous Births and that They had to give me medicine with my 1st to get me to dilate even though my water broke hours earlier. None the less she said If I was not contracting that they would prob send me home. Well Hours went by and my contractions were awful. She checked my and I was not dilated. (humm ... told ya lady) They finally decided to do my Emergency C-Section. It's Kinda funny now that all 3 of my children were Born by on-call Dr's ,and Every Birth has been some sort of emergency.

This C- Section was the worst one ever. You think in you head that I've had 2 C-sections I should be a old pro at this. Even though baby girl was Head down at every check up ultrasound from20weeks, to 27 weeks to 34 weeks (when I had ultrasounds) She decided at 39 weeks it was a good time for her to be Breach. Wile they were trying to get her out I felt such pressure in my chest I felt like I could not Breath. they had to give my oxygen and even though I'm sure it helped ,I could not stop coughing these little coughs. The anesthesiologist keep telling me not to cough,but It could not be controlled. I keep Looking at my Husband and asking him if everything was OK because it was taking so long for them to get her out. He was rubbing my hand telling me that everything was fine and he was staying calm,but I'm sure was nervous himself. When They finally got her out she was not Breathing on her own and my Husband said she looked very blue. After a few minutes they got her to Breath and my Princess Rowan was Born. They took her to the Nursery and my Husband went with her wile they finished up my surgery. We decided to have my tubes tied wile they were preforming the C- section. Everyone says "you know when you are done" and let me tell you that is true. I felt done, and am 1000% Happy with my decision to have my tubes tied.

With my past C-Sections when I was in the recovery room I have always fallen asleep after my surgery's. This time I was wide awake. My Husband came to check in on me. I asked him how the Baby was doing and he said she was doing great. I asked him to show me some pictures and he said "O you want to see pictures" I was like ya..It was pretty strange of him . He left me and said he was going to take some pictures. When he came back he told me before he shows me the pictures I needed to know that she was born with a pretty big birthmark. I asked him where . He replied on her face. He told me that the Dr's told him her type of birthmark is called a Port Wine Stain,and there are surgeries they can do now to remove it. I then saw pictures of my Beautiful Baby Girl. She was Born at 9.5 lbs and 21 inches long at 9:58 pm.

I was unable to see her when I got in my room because she was under observation in the nursery for 6 hours after her Birth because of the Breach Birth and not breathing on her own right away. When they finally Brought my Baby girl to me I snuggled her so close and was Instantly in Love with this little girl. To Tell you the Truth I noticed her Birthmark,and was saddened that it was on her face,but felt so much love for her that it did not even matter. She is my little girlfriend and I am truly blessed to have her in my life and a part of our Family.