Thursday, January 27, 2011

Trying to Escape !

Trying to get out of the House in Winter with 3 small Children is alot harder than one might think. Sometimes I just get Stir Crazy and want to window shop especially in January. I took this picture when I was trying to get to Babies R Us to use some Great Coupons that I had.

Anyway the Sun the Stars and the Moon were in alignment and I somehow had Both my 23 Month old and the 3 month old sleeping at the same time..... and I was able to get a shower in so I thought it would be a good opportunity to get out.

After I got myself ready I started to pack. I just prepared everything on the table so after all the Little's woke up we could eat and go.

What I packed :

1 bottle of expressed Breast Milk

1Sippy cup of Juice

1Big Boy cup of Juice

1 Bottled water for me

1 Burp Cloth

4 Diapers (2 diapers for each)

countleess # of wipes

1 complete outfit change for Baby Girl

1 shirt change for Baby Boy

2 snacks( Mini Marshmallows work wonders)

1 wallet,keys

1 Bunting

2 winter Coats
3 hats
2 sets of gloves
After I got everything ready I looked at my Kitchen tabe and decided to take a picture.....Because Someday I will miss all of this and I want to remember all of the chaos involved in order to get out of the house with 3 young kids:)

It's Been Busy!

I feel Kinda bad that I have been to busy to Blog. Kinda being the most Important word. You see I have been living life :) Enjoying my new Baby Girl, and all that comes with adjusting to a family of 5. Princess was born on Oct 13. I had my 3rd C- Section. We came home to Halloween,Thanksgiving ,Christmas and New Years. It has been so busy !
In the 3 short Months she has been part of our Family I have had Bronchitis and the entire Family except Princess got a Stomach bug. Princess Ro Ro had her 1st Ear Infection.
We have had countless Dr apt's for our family. Well check visits as well as Specialist apt's for Princess Ro Ro's Port Wine Stain Birthmark.
I have missed Blogging, but as some of you might understand once you have been gone for so long it's kinda hard to get back in the swing of things. Well I'm back and ready to keep making bloggy friends on this Wonderful Journey of Motherhood.