Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday!

Little Worm wanted to wear his baby Legs all Morning Long!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Lil Worm and the Purple Crayon!

Lil worm has found a new Love.... Coloring. I actually tape the paper to my table because he cannot keep the book from rolling around on him. He is going to be 2 at on Feb 28Th. I cannot believe how fast he has grown! It's fun to see him start to like Crayons and PlayDoh.
He is also wearing his older Brothers Dumbo PJ's. I hope Princess Ro Ro can wear them too! They are one of MY favorite pairs. Am I the only one who gets all nostalgic over a hand me down pair of PJ's?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sometimes all you need is a little Fluffy Dust!!

Princess has out grown out of a lot of her Newborn stash and I am trying to add more one size pockets to her stash. Sometimes all you need is New Fluff to make you fall in Love with Cloth Diapering Again.

Let me be honest with you 2 in Cloth Diapers was a lot more Laundry than I ever anticipated. I actually took a Cloth Diaper Break because I was so overwhelmed with everything. However I feel that there are so many benefits to Cloth Diapering that I could never stop for good. Look at these colors Princess got 2 Fuzzi Bunz in Crushed Berries and Cotton Candy. I also picked up a Lavender Thirsties Duo size 2 Diaper Cover (this is my favorite Brand of cover). Happy to say that both my Babies are Rockin the Cloth!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

On Valentine's Day I always give my Children a little gift from Mommy and Daddy because I tell them "It's I LOVE You Day" I am excited for my Monkey Boy and Little Worm to wake up and see their little gifts. Who wouldn't want to start the day opening a gift?

Monkey Boy got a Mario Shirt that he was begging me for about 3 weeks ago from Target and I did not buy it for him on that day,and Lil Worm got a Mr Potato Head!

Baby girl got a Valentine's day outfit on Clearance for 7 dollars from Babies R Us, I figured that was a great price for a 1 day Outfit!!

Enjoy your I Love You Day with your Family Everyone!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Port Wine stain Birthmark

Being a Mom is so difficult sometimes. You love your Children more than they will ever know and you have to take care of them every second of the day. They drain you mentally ,physically and emotionally.

My Daughter was born with a Large birthmark on her face. This type of Birthmark is called a Port wine Stain. From what I am learning about this type of Birthmark is that it developed in the 1st trimester of my pregnancy and there is nothing I did to cause it. It can come with complications such as Glaucoma or Serge Weber Syndrome. Glaucoma can lead to blindness and Serge Weber Syndrome causes seizures. So far with our Daughter it is just a Port Wine Stain Birthmark. I pray quite often that it will continue to be "just a birthmark"

We have already been to a pediatric optometrist,a neurologist and a pediatric dermatologist. We have been told to get a MRI scan done to rule out the serge Weber syndrome. They will have to put my baby under anaesthetic to do this. We are being referred to another pediatric eye Dr. because the Neurologist we saw recommended a Better one.

The Pediatric dermatologist has informed us that we can go ahead and do Laser Surgery to reduce the redness of her Birthmark. It will never fully disappear,but it will diminish drastically with a series of these procedures.

What am I feeling?

Overwhelmed ,Sadness, Confusion over everything..........Angry and Hurt that my precious Baby has to go through all of this, Concerned in my head about weather or not we are making the best possible decision for her and the rest of her life.

I will continue to Pray for answers and peace in my heart.... as I know that God gave ME this Gorgeous Little Girl whom I Love so very much.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mommy son Date Night!!

I have 3 Children and my oldest son is 6 years old. There is a 4 year difference between him and his Brother and Baby Girl is almost 4 months. I find that I am very busy with the little ones all day long and sometimes feel that I do not have time during the day to spend as much quality time with him as I would like. This is why we do "Date Night". I left the babies home with Daddy and took my Son Bumper Bowling with my Girlfriend and her Son. We had a Blast ate Pizza and spent some great quality one -on -one time together. We have done many things together on our "Dates". Movies, Ice cream&the park, Paint your own pottery are just some of our dates. I hope my oldest son realizes how Important he is to me and how Much these Date Nights are as much for Me as it is For Him!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Blizzard of 2011

On Tuesday night Chicago and the Suburbs Surrounding got hit with a Huge Blizzard. Some People are saying 18 inches of Snow. On Tuesday Night my Husband left work at 2:30 pm and what normally takes him a 1hr to get home took him 4.5 hrs. I was happy to have him home and safe. Nobody went to work on Wednesday and Monkey Boy is on his 2ND snow Day home from School. I got a much needed nap in on Wednesday,but my Husband is back at work today so no more naps for me. The Boys had a Blast playing in the Fresh Snow on Wednesday Morning. Little Worm is almost 2 and this was his 1st time in Lots of snow. He was super upset when it was time to come in. Poor Little Guy!!