Thursday, February 10, 2011

Port Wine stain Birthmark

Being a Mom is so difficult sometimes. You love your Children more than they will ever know and you have to take care of them every second of the day. They drain you mentally ,physically and emotionally.

My Daughter was born with a Large birthmark on her face. This type of Birthmark is called a Port wine Stain. From what I am learning about this type of Birthmark is that it developed in the 1st trimester of my pregnancy and there is nothing I did to cause it. It can come with complications such as Glaucoma or Serge Weber Syndrome. Glaucoma can lead to blindness and Serge Weber Syndrome causes seizures. So far with our Daughter it is just a Port Wine Stain Birthmark. I pray quite often that it will continue to be "just a birthmark"

We have already been to a pediatric optometrist,a neurologist and a pediatric dermatologist. We have been told to get a MRI scan done to rule out the serge Weber syndrome. They will have to put my baby under anaesthetic to do this. We are being referred to another pediatric eye Dr. because the Neurologist we saw recommended a Better one.

The Pediatric dermatologist has informed us that we can go ahead and do Laser Surgery to reduce the redness of her Birthmark. It will never fully disappear,but it will diminish drastically with a series of these procedures.

What am I feeling?

Overwhelmed ,Sadness, Confusion over everything..........Angry and Hurt that my precious Baby has to go through all of this, Concerned in my head about weather or not we are making the best possible decision for her and the rest of her life.

I will continue to Pray for answers and peace in my heart.... as I know that God gave ME this Gorgeous Little Girl whom I Love so very much.


Melissa said...

You WILL do the right thing!!! Because you will do what is best for baby girl. Thank you for sharing. She is beautiful!

natalee said...

Oh sweetie.. she is beautiful... You will do the right thing.. I know you will..... hugs my dear friend

Whitney said...

I wouldn't even have noticed it if you didn't mention it! She is precious and beautiful! I'm a worrier too! Hugs!

In regards to your comment on my blog, I shop anywhere I see something cute... my two faves are Target and Etsy!! I buy a lot of hair accessories at Claires (flower clips) and bows on Etsy! Hope that helps!

Nancy said...

She is perfect you will do what is best in your heart

Anonymous said...

I was born with a large port wine stain on the right side of my face. My parents always told me I was beautiful no matter what anyone says. She will be fine! It definately teaches you that all superficial things are just that. Beauty is on the inside.

Jen said...

My daughter (three months old) was diagnosed with the same thing at birth (looks very similar to your daughter's)... Since time has now passed, what did you decide to do? And how has the outcome been? Thanks!