Thursday, February 3, 2011

Blizzard of 2011

On Tuesday night Chicago and the Suburbs Surrounding got hit with a Huge Blizzard. Some People are saying 18 inches of Snow. On Tuesday Night my Husband left work at 2:30 pm and what normally takes him a 1hr to get home took him 4.5 hrs. I was happy to have him home and safe. Nobody went to work on Wednesday and Monkey Boy is on his 2ND snow Day home from School. I got a much needed nap in on Wednesday,but my Husband is back at work today so no more naps for me. The Boys had a Blast playing in the Fresh Snow on Wednesday Morning. Little Worm is almost 2 and this was his 1st time in Lots of snow. He was super upset when it was time to come in. Poor Little Guy!!


Melissa said...

We, too, had a "snow" day yesterday without the snow! We had rolling blackouts all morning so my husband stayed home.
Hopeing for some snow tonight but we will never get as much as you have!

Amy said...

It sure was a mess at my house also. Stay warm.. Thanks for asking I am feeling pretty good. I have my days though..