Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

On Valentine's Day I always give my Children a little gift from Mommy and Daddy because I tell them "It's I LOVE You Day" I am excited for my Monkey Boy and Little Worm to wake up and see their little gifts. Who wouldn't want to start the day opening a gift?

Monkey Boy got a Mario Shirt that he was begging me for about 3 weeks ago from Target and I did not buy it for him on that day,and Lil Worm got a Mr Potato Head!

Baby girl got a Valentine's day outfit on Clearance for 7 dollars from Babies R Us, I figured that was a great price for a 1 day Outfit!!

Enjoy your I Love You Day with your Family Everyone!


natalee said...

OMG>>>> she is sooo beautiful... I love those chubby thighs in tights/// sooooo cute... it almost makes me want to try again for a girl

Amy said...

Thanks for my wishes today.. Have a great day. Cute outfit and gifts.