Thursday, December 2, 2010

Kind Of A funny Cloth Diapering Story

When I was in the Hospital with Princess we were using the disposable diapers they provided for us. The Nurses need to keep track of have many #1 and #2 she was doing. They would ask me and most of the time I replied that she did #2(Breastfeed),but not sure if she did #1. Finally a Nurse looked at me...Like I was Crazy and told me that if the Baby wets the Pampers have a line in the front that changes color on the outside. I laughed so hard, and told her that I use Cloth at home and am not use to all this high-tech disposables!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Princess was Born!

The Morning of Oct 13. 2010 I had a Non Stress Test apt because My Dr was out of town on vacation and my Little Girl tried to escape at 27 weeks and 34 so I was under close watch. I was exactly 39 weeks to the day. If my Dr was in town he would have scheduled my repeat C-Section for that Morning, but I was suppose to wait til Oct 18 when he would be back. I got to my apt and it took a very long time for the baby to move. The ultrasound tech gave me apple juice and had me lay in all different positions to get Princess to move. She finally moved at 1 min to spare or she would have failed my Non stress test. Being so close to failing she sent me upstairs to be put on the Monitors. I sat on the monitors for about a hour was having some contractions so the Nurse sent me to labor and delivery floor to be monitored on their machines. The Nurse there took my blood and said since I was not contracting regularly and was not dilated they were going to send me home. She took me off the machine,but told me to wait till she had the results of the Blood work. Just then it happened my contractions were coming closer and were getting stronger. I turned on the news channel. They have the time posted at the bottom corner so I could time the contractions myself. They were coming every 7 to 8 min. I called the Nurse and told her to put me back on the Machine. I told her as soon as she took me off they started coming regularly. To her Surprise I was contacting regularly. She called the on on-call Dr and updated him. She was told to watch me for at least a hour and see if I would start to dilate. I informed her that I have NEVER dilated with my 2 previous Births and that They had to give me medicine with my 1st to get me to dilate even though my water broke hours earlier. None the less she said If I was not contracting that they would prob send me home. Well Hours went by and my contractions were awful. She checked my and I was not dilated. (humm ... told ya lady) They finally decided to do my Emergency C-Section. It's Kinda funny now that all 3 of my children were Born by on-call Dr's ,and Every Birth has been some sort of emergency.

This C- Section was the worst one ever. You think in you head that I've had 2 C-sections I should be a old pro at this. Even though baby girl was Head down at every check up ultrasound from20weeks, to 27 weeks to 34 weeks (when I had ultrasounds) She decided at 39 weeks it was a good time for her to be Breach. Wile they were trying to get her out I felt such pressure in my chest I felt like I could not Breath. they had to give my oxygen and even though I'm sure it helped ,I could not stop coughing these little coughs. The anesthesiologist keep telling me not to cough,but It could not be controlled. I keep Looking at my Husband and asking him if everything was OK because it was taking so long for them to get her out. He was rubbing my hand telling me that everything was fine and he was staying calm,but I'm sure was nervous himself. When They finally got her out she was not Breathing on her own and my Husband said she looked very blue. After a few minutes they got her to Breath and my Princess Rowan was Born. They took her to the Nursery and my Husband went with her wile they finished up my surgery. We decided to have my tubes tied wile they were preforming the C- section. Everyone says "you know when you are done" and let me tell you that is true. I felt done, and am 1000% Happy with my decision to have my tubes tied.

With my past C-Sections when I was in the recovery room I have always fallen asleep after my surgery's. This time I was wide awake. My Husband came to check in on me. I asked him how the Baby was doing and he said she was doing great. I asked him to show me some pictures and he said "O you want to see pictures" I was like ya..It was pretty strange of him . He left me and said he was going to take some pictures. When he came back he told me before he shows me the pictures I needed to know that she was born with a pretty big birthmark. I asked him where . He replied on her face. He told me that the Dr's told him her type of birthmark is called a Port Wine Stain,and there are surgeries they can do now to remove it. I then saw pictures of my Beautiful Baby Girl. She was Born at 9.5 lbs and 21 inches long at 9:58 pm.

I was unable to see her when I got in my room because she was under observation in the nursery for 6 hours after her Birth because of the Breach Birth and not breathing on her own right away. When they finally Brought my Baby girl to me I snuggled her so close and was Instantly in Love with this little girl. To Tell you the Truth I noticed her Birthmark,and was saddened that it was on her face,but felt so much love for her that it did not even matter. She is my little girlfriend and I am truly blessed to have her in my life and a part of our Family.

Monday, November 8, 2010

My Cold Cup of Coffee!!

OK fellow bloggy friends...I seriously Miss blogging,but let me just say that this transition from 2 Kids to 3...(two that are 2 and under) has me trying hard to keep my head above water. I have so many Pictures and a Birth story to write of my Baby Girl. I just hope you will all still be there when I finally decide to blog and not try to catch a Nap. For now I am going to try to enjoy my cold cup of coffee!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Princess Rowan

Oct.13 2010

9:58 pm

9lbs 5 oz

Birth Story Soon!!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

38 weeks :)

Last night at around 4pm I was not feeling well. My feet and hands were swollen and My Lips and eyes felt like they were burning. My in laws brought over a blood Pressure Monitor and I have been checking it at home whenever I have not been feeling well. My blood pressure was 150 over 90. and my Pulse was 110. Maybe am more sensitive to my symptoms because I had my Little Worm at 36 weeks, and ANY Symptoms freak me out,but I decided to call my Dr. I went in to the Hospital to get monitored and have peace of mind. They said everything was fine and I will be going back to my Ob on Thur Morning. My Ob. Is leaving for a Vacation on Oct 9 . I am not happy about him going on vacation:( I am not sure when he is coming back or when he is planing on scheduling my repeat C-section. Hopefully on Thur Morning I will have some answers.

Well even though I was on my way to the hospital we still have 2 small children at home and a night time to-do list. My husband took over:) He took both Children to Monkey Boy's soccer practice. Entertaining Little Worm for over a hour outside all wile Monkey Boy practiced. Then he went one step further an took them both to get Pizza for Dinner. This was the 1st time he took both of them out to eat by himself. When I can home from the hospital both boys were in bed. He told me to remind him Never to take both of them to a Pizza Buffet by himself ever again. He said the kids behaved,but that a buffet style restaurant was way more then he could handle. First of all the High chairs that they have at the restaurant have wheels on them and when my Husband got up to grab some pizza Little Worm decided to pull himself to other tables nearby. Then he got up to try to get himself a drink and Little worm grabbed A cup off the table and spilled red H-C all over himself and the floor. My Husband was exhausted and said that the kids ate great,but he is not even sure if he finished a slice of pizza. I loved hearing this story and laughed so hard that he got a little glimpse of my life:)

Friday, October 1, 2010

37 Weeks and 3 days:)

Seriously Folks it's not Twins just one Baby!! Why do I look so huge in Pictures??? Monkey Boy took this photo! Remember he is 5 ! I am hanging in there and cannot wait to meet my Daughter. This Pregnancy has been the hardest on me. Baby Girl has actually Bruised my Pelvic Bone and every time the O.B goes to measure me I cringe and say Ouchhh!! I guess it's because she is so low she is rubbing up against the bone. I googled it and it happens in like 10% of pregnancy's..Lucky me!! It makes it so hard to walk or even put a pillow between my legs at night:( I know it will all be worth it when I see my Beautiful Healthy Baby ! I am now starting to swell in my feet and hands. My Blood Pressure was a little high this past week 140 over 90 so they are keeping a eye on that. I am having my 3rd C-section and as long as I do not go into labor on my own they generally take the Baby out at 39 weeks witch will be Oct 13. So Looks like in 12 days or less She will be here:)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

36 Weeks:)

I am 36 weeks with Baby #3..I am at my Dr.'s Goal for me:) I have gone into Preterm Labor 2 times so far. Once at 27 weeks.(told to quit working and take it easy)Once at 34 weeks. Both times resulted in drugs to stop the contractions and 2 over night stays in the Hospital. I delivered my Little Worm at 36 weeks on the day and his Lungs were not developed. His Birth was so scary. He did not come home with me. Everyone says that Girls develop faster in the Womb than Boys,and that her Lungs are Probably developed. Either was I would Love for her to stay in a few more weeks at least. I feel HUGE. I am at the point of the Pregnancy where none of my Maternity Shirts fit ..They ride up on my Stomach all day long and annoy me. I have Lots of Pressure in my Groin and it literally hurts to walk to the Bathroom. Also Lately I am starving almost all day long...I have noticed that I am eating alot of food.....Like I cannot get enough food .. Anyone else feel like that before they delivered? Basically I am hanging in there trying to do as little as Possible in order for Baby Girl to develop as much as she can in the Womb. I want to Bring her Home with me when I go home! I go to the O.B. Tomorrow Night.....I wonder what he will say??? A Picture will come as soon as I can get someone to take one for me:)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Sneak Peak

We Live in a 3 Bedroom House. When we found out we were expecting our 3rd Baby naturally we realized that someone would eventually start sharing a bedroom. As I have written before Lil Worm was a Awful Sleeper until about 14 Months. No Joke! He just turned 18 Months at the end of last month and is FINALLY sleeping through the night every night! I prayed so hard to God to please let him learn how to sleep. We were real nervous about putting the 2 boys together. My Husband even suggested that maybe we should just put a crib in a corner of our room and let someone sleep there. That was going to be our game plan until we found out that Baby #3 is a GIRL. You see how can I pass up planing a Baby Girl Nursery! I thought since the Boys will eventually be sharing a room might as well Transition my Lil Worm now Before his New Baby Sister gets here. So far so good ...Lil Worm is sleeping GREAT in his Brothers Room. Better than either one of us expected!! We have Finally started making Baby Girls Nursery. There is some Furniture on order and we are still waiting on lots of things to get it complete,but it's starting to come together. I thought everyone might enjoy a Sneak Peak! This Nursery would have not been possible with out the generosity of Baby Girl's Grandmother Lyn who gifted her ultimate Baby Girl Nursery. I am so Thankful to have a Baby girl Nursery of my dreams and cannot wait for my Little Girl to be able to enjoy her sweet room.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

How Do You Oreo?

Little Worm Recently had his Very First Oreo:) He Loved It! Funny How One Cookie can make such a mess:)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

33 Weeks

Wow I am currently 33 weeks and I am Wondering when Little Girl is going to come. You see my Lil Worm was Born at 36 weeks. I have already been in the Hospital at 28 weeks with Premature Labor that they stopped. Thank Goodness!! I told my O.B. that it was my Goal to make it to 38 weeks and he informed me that it's His goal for me to get to 36. ( I still think it's strange for a Dr to say that) I have contractions almost every single day. Sometimes they are mild last night they were awful. I was having contractions every 2 Min for about 14 min then when I finally went upstairs and laid down they subsided. My Dr only wants me to call him if I have 10 Contractions in a hour for 2 hours. Well If they would have kept up strong like that I probably would have called him within the 1st hour. So far today I feel good:) I am taking it extremely easy doing nothing more than what I have to. Monkey Boy took a picture of me before he left for Kindergarden this Morning. I am a short person only about 5"2 so I think she has nowhere to go but out... I actually do not feel as big as I look if that makes any sense?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Today A Piece Of My Heart Drove Away On A School Bus...

Today was Monkey Boys 1st Full Day Of Kindergarten. He was so excited to take the Bus. I was so Nervous. We got ready for School and walked down to the Bus Stop. He was the only Kindergartner at the stop. Most of the Kids were in 2nd through 4th grade. He kept telling me this is so weird,he seamed to have a nervous energy about him. He told one of the older boys about his Bat Man Folder..."with the Joker on it". The older Boy was less than impressed,and I just thought it was cute he was making small talk. The Bus came and Monkey Boy got on. The Bus Driver was great and she was taking attendance and had the Kindergartners sit in the front seats. I could only take One Picture for as soon as I clicked the Button the tears began to flow and I did not want him to see me cry. The Bus Driver informed me that they would probably be late at Pick up time due to all their extra checking and getting to know the kids. Well they were 20 min late at pick up time and I got a little scared about where his Bus was. When he finally got home Monkey Boy jumped off the Bus with a Huge Smile on his face saying how cool Kindergarten was. I'm glad I survived this Milestone,but why is it so hard to Let them Grow ?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Today was a Emotional day ..It all started this Morning when my MIL came over to take Monkey Boy Swimming. She also brought over a Huge Bag of School Clothes for Monkey Boy. My Husband was loading the Morning dishes in the Dishwasher and Lil Worm was trying to climb into the dishwasher. She was trying to show me the clothes ,so I put Little Worm in the Living Room and is a open floor space to the Kitchen except we have a Baby Gate to keep him out of the Kitchen. I can see him at all times. All of a sudden I hear a loud Thud. I rush over the Baby gate and see my Lil Worm covered in blood from his Nose. He somehow fell into the Bottom of the staircase Banister. I use to have Foam on there when he was first learning how to walk,but since he has gotten older and teething he decided it was more fun to eat the Foam. I removed the Foam because it was becoming a choking hazard,and I felt that he was better at walking and it was not necessary in that spot anymore. He was screaming so loud. My Husband and I took a look at it and Knew he needed to go to the Emergency Room. My Mil stayed with Monkey boy and eventually took him to the pool. My Husband and I went to the Emergency Room. I was so glad that my husband was with me. Being 8 Months Pregnant I was a emotional wreak. They had to restrain him and he needed 5 stitches in his Nostril. I could not take my Baby crying so hard. A cry that is so Different from anything I have ever experienced with him. My Husband stayed in the room with our Baby and I walked down to the Emergency Room Bathroom where I could still hear him cry ...It seamed like it took forever. I almost threw up in the Bathroom I was so sick to my Stomach. When it was over I held my baby so tight and kissed him until he calmed down from the whole experience. When we got home I went to Babies R Us and purchased some more foam to cover the Banister,and a new toy for my Little Boy. He is doing well and the stitches will be out on Wed,but boy my 1st Son has never needed stitches and this was so scary. Being a Mom is so much harder than I could ever imagine.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Summer Colds

Seriously who was I to think that I could get through a entire Summer without anyone in our Family getting sick. It started with Monkey Boy last week. He had a Runny nose and a Temp of 100. It never turned into anything more for him and I was glad that he was getting over it. Well It hit both me and Lil Worm last night. We Both have temps around 100. I have a sore throat and a stuffy nose. Little Worms is a complete mess because of the cold he was fighting sleep all night long...... until I finally dove around my Neighborhood at 2 in the morning to put him in a deep sleep.. I slept from 3am to 7 am when he got up for the day. I already put him down for a nap at 9.30 this morning and I slept on the couch wile Monkey Boy played around me . I hope this cold passes quickly for both of us. Is Hard being 8 Months Pregnant on Modified Bed rest and still being a Mom.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Please Stop Growing so Fast!!

In just 21 short days my oldest Son will be starting his 1st day of Kindergarten. I can barely stand it. I had to drop off his School Physical at the office today and was so emotional. I'm sure all the Pregnancy Hormones are not helping the situation any. His first day will be on Aug 23 . It is a orientation day and meet the Teacher ..... I get to go with him. How will I keep it together and not scare him by turning into a blubbery mess? Also What am I going to do when he steps on that School Bus the next day. Just thinking about it hurts. In just 5 short years I went from


To This: Please Stop Growing so fast Mommy cannot take it!!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Newborn Cloth Diaper Stash Thus Far

As Most of you know We are expecting our Little Baby Girl to arrive this October. (Hopefully not any sooner) Well as soon as I found out that we were expecting Baby #3 I started to think about what I would need in order to Cloth Diaper her from the start. I Started Cloth Diapering Lil Worm when he was 3 Months old. I started mostly with Bum Genius one size that a good Friend of mine gave me as a welcome gift for Lil worm. I Currently have Lots of One size Pocket Diapers and Baby Girl will be able to share them with her Brother as soon as they start to fit . (witch is normally around 10 lbs) Of Coarse I will need to buy fer some Girly Print Pockets of her very own,but I can add that to my stash little by little. I decided to go mostly with Prefolds and Covers for the Newborn stage. I Purchased my Un Bleached Prefolds from Cotton Babies. A wile ago they were on sale and I got a Dozen Preemie Prefolds for $0.60 each. I also Bought a Dozen infant size Prefolds for $1.20 each. I Purchased 3 Bummies Super Brites in the Newborn size in Green,Yellow and PINK:) I Purchased a Bummis Super Whisper wrap in the Flowers Print. I purchased 2 Cutey Baby all in 2 diapers from a Local Diaper shop near my house. I could not pass up how cute they were. Also I purchased a WAHM Diaper Cover in pink with Ruffles on the Back from the same shop. I Purchased a Pale Pink Newborn Diaper Cover from a Shop on Etsy called Swaddle In Cloth. It looks to be made real well. Lastly I purchased a Lavender Wool Shorties from the Etsy shop called Bunny Tails cloth Diapers by the Cloth Diaper mommy. These are Super Tiny and are so cute. They are sized Preemie /Newborn and I think will fit great when she 1st comes home. Also I have Purchased a Pink and Purple Snappi,but I forgot to get a Picture of them. I am contemplating getting a couple Rumparooz Lil Joeys because they are so stinkin cute, but I have heard mixed reviews on them so I have not ordered any yet. Tell me is there anything you would recommend I add to my Newborn stash?

Monday, July 26, 2010

Seconds sale:)

The Natural Baby Company is having a Huge Seconds Sale ...They Just posted the Seconds at 10 A.M. mst. I picked up 2 Grow Baby Shell Sets for 10 dollars each. I thought I would let people know about this great deal...Happy Fluff Shopping:)

Friday, July 23, 2010

28 Weeks & Contractions

Well I have been in a Better mood lately. Thank you to everyone for your Understanding and Well Wishes. I had my Husband take a picture of me 3 Days ago. Wow I look Huge even in black...LOL... I went out to Dinner with My Cousin in law. We went to the Olive Garden. Yum yum Yum!

On Tuesday Morning I woke up and the shorts that I wore to bed were pretty Damp.(warning this will contain alot of information) I thought maybe my water was leaking. I put on a Pantyliner and went about my day. I took my Older son to Summer Camp and Lil Worm and I went to Target and Babies R Us to run errands. About a Hour and a half after I first put on that Pantyliner I went to the Bathroom. The Liner was completely wet. I started to get concerned, but continued with my errands (after all I am a Busy Mom) and then picked up Monkey Boy from Summer Camp. I headed home and made everyone Lunch. On the way Home in the car I started to feel contractions. I put Lil Worm in his Crib for a nap and decided to text my Husband at Work. I told him I felt like I was leaking Something and I was starting to have Contractions. I told him I felt like I should probably call the DR. However I did not want to make a mountain out of a molehill so I wanted his opinion. He told me to call. I called and they told me to go the the emergency room. I was very nervous and the Contractions were getting much worse. The Nurse was great and she tested me with the paper to see if my water was leaking. I cannot remember the name of the paper ,but if you are leaking amniotic Fluid the paper will turn blue. The paper remained the normal color,however when she ran the paper on my Pantyliner it did turn Blue. I am 28 weeks with my 3rd Baby and my 2ND Baby was born at 36 weeks. I went into early Labor with him and they could not stop it. His Lungs were not developed and it was very scary at Even 36 weeks. I do not want to go into Labor at 28 weeks. They sent me down to have a Ultrasound to see how much Fluid the Baby Had. The Baby had plenty of Fluid,but everyone was wondering what was I leaking and why was I still having strong contractions about every 3to 4 min. My Dr came to the Hospital and did a internal exam to see if I had a small tear or something. I did not. Thank Goodness!! It turns out that I have a Bacteria Infection witch can cause the uterine wall to contract. I just got over a Bladder Infection and that left everything venerable to get other infections. In the Hospital they gave me Procardia to stop the Contractions witch made my Heart race and feel like it was coming out of my chest. I stayed overnight to be Monitored and went home with a prescription antibiotic . I was told to stop teaching Dance. I asked him If I could pick up my 1 year old and walk up and down stairs. He told me yes I can,but I need to go home and be extremely Lazy Just the Bare Minimum to get buy. So have any of you experienced something like this ? Did you Deliver Early? Did the infection come back after the antibiotics? Would love to read some similar situations.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Depression During Pregnancy

I had postpartum depression with my first son. It was a awful experience that still saddens me to this day. I wish I could have enjoyed those first few weeks of my sons life,but instead felt a sensation of uncontrollable anxiety and sadness. I soon went on medication and stayed on it for over a year. I was nervous about getting Depression again when pregnant with my second son. I was well prepared to watch and look at myself often to try to catch 1st signs of it creeping into my life. I knew that I would want to get on medication right away, because the lows of the depression are so low that I never want to experience that again. I never had postpartum depression with my second Son. It never happened. Maybe it is because I breastfeed him exclusively till he was 6 Months old? (they say it produces good hormones in your brain) I never had to take medication or have the sadness enter my life. I am currently 26 weeks pregnant with Baby #3. The Ultrasound said that this Baby is a Little Girl and I have always wanted a Little Girl so I am excited about that. However I have been battling some depression during Pregnancy this time around. It makes me nervous that it could turn into something else. I feel like I should be over the moon Happy right now ,but I am not. I have lost interest in many things. I Normally love to scrapbook and I have no desire to do that. I normally Love Blogging ,but have no desire to Blog about my life. I also take lots of pictures of my children ,and I have not had the desire to break out the camera. This poor Baby only has like 1 Belly Picture. I have no desire to try to get together with my friends and plan something to do. I am kinda just living. I am exhausted most of the day ,but when bedtime rolls around I am wide awake. I am hoping that this passes. I have never dealt with Depression During Pregnancy before. I am taking care of myself and just trying to get through this one day at a time. I will talk to someone if it gets worse. Right now I am hoping that all the Hormones in my body will level out and I will feel better in a week or so and that this is just a bad Funk. I almost do not even want to blog about this....maybe part of me is a little embarrassed letting people know about my life, but this is is what is going on with me in my life right now .

Monday, July 5, 2010

4 th of July Weekend

Wow what a Busy weekend we have had. On Friday I took the kids to a parade. It was Monkey Boy's First Parade ever that he could remember. He had such a great time picking up candy on the streets and watching the Clowns and dogs walk in the Parade. My Girlfriends Daughter was in the Parade with her Brownie Troop so it was fun to see her throwing candy and waving to Monkey Boy. Then On Saturday we had a BBQ with the entire Family at my In-Laws House. The food was delish. They have a Huge inflatable Water Slide that they bought a few years back and set it up every year at their 4Th of July Party. Both the Boys had so much fun playing with their cousins in the water. I on the other had am exhausted. Being 7 Months Pregnant and chasing after a one year old in the water did this Mommy in. My Husband and I drove separately so I could leave with the Baby early and get him in bed as close to his bedtime as possible. Yesterday we went to the pool that my In-Laws belong to let the kids swim. We had a great time at the pool and then went to another BBQ at our Cousins house. It's so awesome to be invited to do so many fun activities,yet so hard to keep up with everything when you are pregnant. I am a little aggravated with myself because I took no pictures:( I was so Busy chasing after a one year old I totally forgot up until I wrote this post that i have no Pictures to go with the 4Th. That being said I think it's O.K. because we were living in the moment and everyone had a Blast:)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thirsties Duo Wrap With Snaps

Everyone pretty much knows that I have a obsession with Cloth Diapers. I kinda have no control over myself when I see a cute Print or New brand I want to try. I almost always can justify a new Cloth Diaper purchase. Now that I am expecting our third baby,and will have 2 in Diapers,it's kinda easy for me to keep adding more to my stash. I recently purchased the Thirsties Duo Wrap with Snaps in the Blackbird print. I love this cover. The print is so cute:)Lil Worm is sporting this cover over a Prefold. It has extra leg gussets for complete leakage control. I am so glad I did not purchase this print when it first came out. You see at first Thirsties only had this print in the Velcro. Wile I do still use some Velcro diapers in my stash, I am trying hard to only by Snaps now. My opinion is that the snaps wash up better,and always look new.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Motherhood Saturday Night Style

So It's Saturday Night and my Husband went out with some Friends. I put the Baby in his crib to go to bed. He was Fussing alot so I decided to bring him back downstairs. To my Surprise his Diaper came sliding off of him from under his Pajamas. (Yes it was Cloth ) It was covered in poop. (Yuck) He stepped in it and it was all over his leg. So off to Bath #2 for the night we went. When I got done with the Bath and Bedtime routine for the 2nd time I came downstairs to Monkey Boy Covered head to toe in Popsicle juice. He told me that his Push Up must of had a hole in it. So I had to change his Pajamas(I hope I can get the red stain out) . That my Friends is Motherhood Saturday Night Style.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Excuses Excuses

Well Friends ...I would love to have a good excuse for where I have been ,but I really don't. My Summer has been so busy with the kids and this pregnancy that at the end of the day I have not found that much time to Blog. I am still reading Posts in the Morning, but have not found the peacefulness in this house of 2 Boys to Blog. We have been so busy almost every day doing outside activities. These Boys of mine are exhausting to keep up with. LOL I just recently went to my Ob. Because I was having a lot of pressure down there and was afraid that I might be having early signs of Labor. Good new is that it is not Early Labor. The Bad news is that it's a Bladder Infection. I have never had one being Pregnant before and boy does it hurt. The Ob put me on a antibiotic and I am starting to feel better.

I have also been busy shopping for this Baby Girl to Be . I will be posting a few of the cute things I have found for her soon:)

Today I am off to buy Fathers Day gifts and run errands. Happy Friday to all!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Super Mommy Forgot Her Cape!!

Have you ever had "One Of Those Days"?? I'm sure my Pregnancy Hormones have something to do with it,but man today was a ruff one. Today started out rainy and wet. So there was no going to the park,or walks, or pool. We were stuck inside:( After Lil Worms afternoon nap I decided to go to Target to get some shopping done and to break up my day. Monkey Boy was awful running away from me and overall not listening. Lil Worm wanted out of the cart. Being that he is 14 Months that was not going to happen. It was so chaotic in there I even forget to use my $5.00 Coupon I had. I put everyone in the car and drove home. I put Lil Worm in his Playpen and ran some Toiletries upstairs. All of a sudden I hear him crying. I run downstairs and ask Monkey Boy "Why is he crying" . He responds" I don't Know" .. I ask Him again. Then he tells me "I jumped in the playpen and jumped on top of him" He is 5 years old and well aware that he is Not allowed in the playpen. I normally pride myself in having LOTS of patience with my Son,but I lost it. Out of Frustration that Lil Worm might possibly be really hurt and the way he acted in the store earlier . I yelled at him and told him to go to his room. I felt awful after I yelled at him and was crying to myself because I did yell. My Husband soon came home from work. He walked in and told me to not look at him like that. He turned around to hang up his keys and I just Burst into tears. I told him that I was mad at myself for yelling at Monkey boy and I sent him to his room. My Husband told me he would go talk to him. He came downstairs after talking to him and then told me that "I need to get a Handel on these situations,because we have another one coming,and I should be able to take care of this. Well this is not what I wanted to hear. I wanted some sympathy. I wanted him to tell me that it's O.K to have bad days, and that every day isn't perfect. Most of all I wanted him to tell me that I am doing a great job with our kids. I then told him I had to escape. He rolled his eyes at me. I told Him I would be back in time to put everyone to bed. It was 6:00 and I was home be 7:45. I got in my car and cried a little more at the fact that My Husband could not understand the situation,and the fact that I could not get him to understand. I went and got a Pedicure. I needed to have a relaxing moment all to myself. I feel better ,and Hope that the rest of the week will be easier.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

IT'S A.......

Yesterday I went for my 20 Week Ultrasound. I Had a real nice Ultrasound Tech:) She was so Friendly. I told her that I would like to know the Sex of the Baby. She continued to do the Ultrasound..... there is so many things that they need to measure and check . She informed me that everything that she needed to look for she found,and all looked good:) When the time came the Baby did show us and......It's A Girl!!! I started crying and asked the lady if she was positive there was nothing hiding. lol. So watch out World this Mama of 2 Boy's has ordered her first Pink Diaper Cover and some Baby Girl Headbands with Giant Bows!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Monkey Boy Graduated From Preschool:)

Yesterday was my First Son's Last day of Preschool. The night before I was very excited at the idea that we would not have wake up and get ready and go to school anymore. I needed a break from the everyday routine of School. That was all I was thinking about. Then in the Morning I was brushing my sons hair and I just started to cry. It hit me all of a sudden that this was the last time he would be in Preschool and how Kindergarten is just months away. As I was brushing his hair I thought to myself that pretty soon he will be able to brush his own hair and will not need me as much. All Signs of him growing up flashed before my eyes. I stopped crying and continued with my routine. We got in the car and started to drive to school. On the way to my sons Preschool there is a High School who wouldn't you know it was having their Graduation day too. I saw High School Students in their Caps and Gowns out my window and crying spell #2 came about. All I could think of is that before I know it he will be graduating from High School. I never understood people when they told me that it goes bye so fast. I was just dealing with a Colicky Acid reflux baby who I would give anything to have grow faster and sleep. We reached School and I had my Camera in hand I was taking pictures everywhere. I really wanted to freeze this moment ......I took Pictures by his cubbie, in his classroom ,by a tree. Seriously lots of Pictures did not even turn out good because I was taking too many. After I dropped him off I stepped out of the school and cried again. This time I cried about a half hour. My First Born was attending his Last Day of Preschool and There was nothing I could do to stop it. He was Growing up before my eyes ! I composed myself before pick up and watched him sing a few songs with his classmates before everyone ate snacks. I did not cry when he was singing his songs,but just felt a sense of accomplishment for him. So here we go,Summer will be over soon and Kindergarten awaits.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Getting Motivated!!

Do you ever find it hard to get motivated to do your everyday tasks? Sometimes I think it could be because of the pregnancy. Or because it's gloomy looking outside. Other times I wonder if I am just being lazy. Today is one of those days where I should be doing some laundry, or cleaning up the play room ,or vacuuming.......but I cannot seem to get started. I love it when I get so motivated to clean that the entire house gets attacked and looks so great for all of 24 hours. Tell me do you have any secrets to get yourself motivated to do mundane tasks??

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mommy's have Birthday's Too:)

It has been a crazy week this past week ,very busy like it always is. On Wednesday it was my Birthday. My Husband was out of town on Business and I had my usual Wednesday routine to do. When Monkey Boy woke up I told him it was my Birthday. He was very serious and asked me if He was invited to my Birthday Party?? I told him that Mommy is not having a Birthday Party. He looked super sad and told me "But You Have to Have a Cake" . How sweet !! I told him I would go to the store when he was in school and get everything we needed to make Cupcakes. It was a typical Mommy Birthday filled with pickups,drop-offs,laundry,cleaning and of coarse Baking Birthday Cupcakes:)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Bum Wear :)

I recently Purchased 2 new cloth Diapers to add to my stash (you can NEVER have to many right?) LOL. The brand of this diaper is called Bum Wear. I Purchased a super cute Dino Print,and Green Bees. I am a huge Sucker for cute prints. I have been using this diaper in my rotation over a Month now. I have Never had a Leak or a Blow out in this Diaper:) This makes this Diaper a Winner in my book:) When you purchase this Diaper you have the option of adding hip snaps or not. I purchased mine with Hip Snaps. My Lil Worm is about 24 lbs at 14 Months . However the Hip Snaps do not work for him and his Chunky Thigh's. Since this is a One size fits all Diaper the Hip snaps would probably be great for Newborns or Skinny Babies.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Monkey Boy got a huge bubble wand from the Easter Bunny. The Weather was super Nice and we decided it was time to try it out. It made lots and lots of Bubbles for Lil Worm to chase. Lil Worm actually said the word Bubble too:) What fun I had watching my 2 Boys enjoy this time at the park with lots and lots of Bubbles.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Monkey Boy Vs. The Fly

There was a house fly flying around our House for a couple of days. It really wasn't bothering anyone. I just let it be. Fast Forward 1 day later when I am folding laundry . Monkey boy runs in the Laundry room caring his foam sword. He shows me the very tip of his sword. He asks me if I know what is on his Sword. I saw nothing but faint pink line on the tip. He told me it was "Fly Blood" . He was so proud that he killed they housefly with the tip of his sword. I laughed so hard. He was as proud of killing that Fly as a warrior would be if they won a huge Battle. I'm telling you it's never boring or dull in this house :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Almost Wordless

His Future's So Bright.... He's Gotta Wear Shades:)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Better Late than Never:)

I have been wanting to post about my Mother's Day. As usual life gets in the way of blogging. My Mother's day started when I picked up Monkey Boy from School on Friday afternoon. He gave me a potted plant. He painted the pot, and planted the flower inside. The card said "If Mom's were Flowers I would pick you." I loved it:) On Sunday I got to sleep in till 8:30 . It's Funny to say sleep in til 8:30 to me........ because before I had Children I would consider Sleeping in waking up at noon. My Husband made a huge Breakfast. Pancakes, Eggs, Bacon. Yummy:) Then he cleaned up the Kitchen:) We went to the Mall by our house because my MIL gave me a gift card to Motherhood Maternity,so I had to go shop. We came home and Hubby made dinner and cleaned up after again. Over all it was a relaxed and enjoyable Mother's day :) Hope you enjoyed your Mother's Day Too.

Friday, May 7, 2010

A Conversation with Monkey Boy

Monkey Boy: Mom can I Marry You?

Me: I am already Married to Daddy

Monkey Boy : I am going to Marry you and I will get you a nice ring and we will eat cake.

Me: Mommy's Can not Marry their sons

Monkey Boy: (almost in tears) But I LOVE you!!

Me: O.K Buddy We will get Married when you are older. I love you too!!

If only he will always want to Marry me.....

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Why do you Blog?

I was first introduced to the world of Blogging through a friend of a friend. She had a Mommy blog. I thought she was crazy. Why would someone want to share their daily life with the world? Then something weird happened I started to read her blog every time she posted. Then I started to read other Mommy blogs out there and they became a escape from the everyday Mommy life. I thought to myself this would be a great way to document my everyday life so my children could read it when they get older. I also like the connections and friendships I have found through my readers . Then I thought about what to name my blog. This is a tuff one. When I started my blog at the end of July last year I had just started cloth diapering Lil Worm. I kinda was obsessed with cloth diapers and new prints so that is how I came up with my title. Wile I still love Cloth Diapers, that is just one small thing in my life. I often wonder if this title scares people away from reading my blog? I blog about so much more than just Cloth Diapers. So Ladies my question to you is Why did you start your blog? Was is hard for you come up with a name for your Blog??

Monday, May 3, 2010

17 Weeks

So i am currently 17 weeks pregnant with Baby#3. We have found out the sex with both of our Boys. It's Funny because before I actually became Pregnant I felt strongly that I would never find out the sex of a baby in utero. I believed that there are few good surprises in life,and this should be one of them. I never understood why people would find out. Then the day came when I was Pregnant with Monkey Boy , and the ultrasound lady asked me "Do you want to know the sex?" I said yes. I wanted to know. I wanted a Boy Nursery or a Girl Nursery. I felt like I would bond with the Baby inside of Better If I could name it before it came out. The Ultrasound Tech told us it was a Boy. Boy I was Surprised. I could have bet my life on the fact that Baby #1 was a Girl. Then when I was Pregnant with Baby #2 we found out that he was a Boy. Once again I thought he was a Girl. The Pregnancy's were so Different. I Never Threw up with Baby#1. I threw up with Baby #2. Now as we are getting closer to finding out the sex of Baby #3. Once again a totally different Pregnancy compared to the first 2. I feel like it's a Boy. I have been Nauseous every single Morning with this one and Threw up today. I Think it's a boy,because I feel that that is what we make. LOL . That is my only reason why I think it's a boy. Who Knows?? I know God Does. So did you find out the sex of your Baby(s). Were you right? Please Excuse the Picture. (I wanted to add one) Monkey Boy is in preschool & Lil Worm is only 1 he would eat the Camera:) I always forget it ask my Husband to take one when he gets home from work, because I am busy doing Mom things, you know,Dinner and Bath and Bed.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pay it Forward

I recently decided to do a "Pay It Forward " with Mary Anne from MaMa Smiles Blog. Her blog is so enjoyable to read. The package that she sent me was awesome. It included A reusable snack bag, Colored Pencils for Monkey Boy ,and a handmade baby bear for Lil Worm. Lil Worm LOVES this bear. It is just the right size for his little hands. The rules on the Pay it Forward game is simple. If you receive a gift you have to then give a gift. Well I am not a very crafty person,but I would Love to send you a little surprise in the mail for your family. It will not be handmade, but will be fun. So who ever is the 1st person to leave a comment will get a little care package in the mail. Please leave me your email address so I can contact you. Then all you have to do is keep the "Pay It Forward" going.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Where Have I Been???

Where have I Been? I have been so busy and crazy with life. I am a Dance Teacher and I teach about 20 classes a week. I work at 3 locations . This Year I have 4 dance recitals! I have about 150 students total. This past weekend I finished 1 recital. It went great:) Recital season is so insane. I love teaching dance.. It allows me to be home with my Children every single day. So beside teaching dance, I still have to do all the Mommy things that we moms do! Ya know the Laundry, Cleaning, Cooking, Playing ect. Sometimes I wonder why I blog when I feel like I am loosing Readers because I cannot keep up with posting every day. Then I tell myself that it's O.K . I am creating this Blog for my Children to read when they are older. Hopefully when they are Adults they will realize that their Mom did a lot and tried her best:)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

That's What Lil Boys Are Made Of

Monkey Boy had his very first T-Ball Game yesterday. It was so cute to see him excited to play baseball. If you have never watched 4 and 5 year old's play T-ball then you are missing out. It was so funny:) As soon as someone would hit the ball ,the entire outfield would run for the ball. They would then proceed to jump on one another like a little mosh pit in attempts at getting the ball. Where we signed him up they do not keep score. There are no Winners or Losers. They just play the game and had fun. I Never thought I would have a Boy. I do not like sports or watching them on T.V. I am truly blessed that I get to experience The joys of parenting a Boy:)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Time for a 1st Hair Cut !


Is it just me. Am I the only one who gets a little teared up at the thought of cutting of my sons baby hair. Lil Worm was due for his 1st haircut. I could not put it off any longer. His hair was hanging down in his eyes. I took him to a place called Cool Cuts for kids. They have little cars and airplanes for the kids to sit in with a seat belt while they watch a movie to keep them distracted. Lil Worm did very well . I do not know how the Hairstylist can cut a baby's hair. I would be so nervous with how much they move all over the place.


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Gen -Y

I am a giant sucker for cute Cloth Diaper prints. I recently found Gen-y wile playing around one night on the computer. They have the most adorable Diaper covers with snaps. I immediately fell in love with the Retro cowboy print and the Owl print. I ordered these 2 covers and received them in the mail rather quickly. I prepped them and was eager to try them out. I usually use prefolds with a Snappi underneath it. I have been using these covers for about a month now and am still in love with them. They have held up amazingly in the wash. I have probably washed them a total of 8 times and I still have no fading on the prints. I love the fact that they are snaps so they do not cause any Velcro snakes in my machine:) Seriously how cute is this Retro Cowboy Print:)