Friday, October 1, 2010

37 Weeks and 3 days:)

Seriously Folks it's not Twins just one Baby!! Why do I look so huge in Pictures??? Monkey Boy took this photo! Remember he is 5 ! I am hanging in there and cannot wait to meet my Daughter. This Pregnancy has been the hardest on me. Baby Girl has actually Bruised my Pelvic Bone and every time the O.B goes to measure me I cringe and say Ouchhh!! I guess it's because she is so low she is rubbing up against the bone. I googled it and it happens in like 10% of pregnancy's..Lucky me!! It makes it so hard to walk or even put a pillow between my legs at night:( I know it will all be worth it when I see my Beautiful Healthy Baby ! I am now starting to swell in my feet and hands. My Blood Pressure was a little high this past week 140 over 90 so they are keeping a eye on that. I am having my 3rd C-section and as long as I do not go into labor on my own they generally take the Baby out at 39 weeks witch will be Oct 13. So Looks like in 12 days or less She will be here:)

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Heidi said...

Congratulations!!! You look wonderful!!