Thursday, January 28, 2010

What's For Dinner?

Have you ever skipped going to the grocery store because you felt like you could make it another week, and did not feel like dragging 2 kids through the store. Then the end of the 2ND week rolls around and you realize there is really nothing to make for dinner. Today is one of those days. I use my crock pot ALOT. I work on Tuesday, Wednesday,and Thursdays night. When my Husband takes over the dinner and bedtime routine I try to have dinner made for him. Well it's Thursday and I do not have time to go the store and I hate spending money on take out. (especially if I'm not going to be there to enjoy it) Looks like I am going to throw Chicken Breasts,Onions,half of a green pepper and I have 1/4 a jar of Salsa in the crock pot and see what happens. He can serve it over rice. Hope he likes it. Hope Monkey boy eats it too.

Monday, January 25, 2010

I have a Confession to make:

I know it's crazy, but I love to do Laundry. Maybe that's why I love Cloth Diapering. I love the way the Laundry looks when it's done. All in perfect neat piles on my Laundry table. I do Laundry every day. At least 2 loads a day. I love the way the clean Laundry smells. I feel a sense of achievement when I can get a stain out of almost anything. The only time I do not like the Laundry is if I was sick and it gets backed up. Is this totally crazy? Tell me what chore do you actually like doing?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

*****************************Baby Proofing

As most of you know we recently moved in to a new house. Our old house was baby proofed for our 1st son Monkey boy. We had gates where we needed them. Padding on the Fireplace. Door knob covers on the doors. etc. Now in this new house and with Lil worm crawling we need to baby proof this one. What a huge pain this is not to mention the expense. I am in now need of a extra large walk through baby gate for wide spaces. I also need new padding to somehow cover up the staircase that Lil Worm has fell into the side off twice. Its amazing what danger these little babies can get into. I have some friends who say they never needed to baby proof their house. I do not get this! My two boys get into everything. Did you Baby Proof your house ?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ask The Mommy's

Normally Tuesday is my Whole house deep cleaning day. I like many Mommy's clean all day long,but on Tuesday I attack my house. Monkey boy goes to school on M,W,F Mornings. I am a Dance Teacher and teach 20 classes a week. On Tuesday I teach 2 classes when Daddy gets home from work. On Wed I teach 9 Classes ( I start at 1:30 and finish at 8:45) On Thursday I teach 3 classes after Daddy gets home. On Saturday I teach 6-8 classes. So I am a stay at home -working mom. Just wondering if you attach your house 1 day a week, or do you have a schedule? Like floors on Monday,Sheets on Tuesday etc. I like to do the deep Cleaning On Tuesday,because on Monday...lets be honest I am too lazy. Then after working on Wed I am too tired. I also like to enjoy my Fridays and do not want to deep clean on Friday. I feel like the weeks fly by and as soon as I clean my bathrooms its time to do it all over again. Tell me what works for you ?

Monday, January 18, 2010


I love using Prefolds and Covers. Prefolds are real affordable and you can find so many cute covers. I own 2 lite wraps the Retro Print,and the Farm Print. I purchased these covers a wile ago ,but I am just now are getting to use them because in my opinion they run a bit big. Now that Lil Worm is 22 lbs he can actually fit into this . I like the fact that this cover has 2 hip snaps as well as Velcro. The snaps are a good idea if Lil worm ever decides that it is fun to take his diaper off. The fact that this cover is large means that you rarely have to tuck your diaper into the cover after you put it on. It pretty much covers the entire prefold . That can be real helpful for Daddy or other caregivers who forget to tuck in the prefold. At the Green Mountain Diapers store they sell this wrap for $8.00 . In my opinion this cover is well made and is a bargain at $8:00

Friday, January 15, 2010


We have 1 1/2 bathrooms in this house. I was going to the Bathroom downstairs when to my surprise there was no toilet paper left. I asked Monkey Boy to run upstairs and get me a roll of toilet paper from underneath the sink in the upstairs bathroom. In a second he came back with one square of toilet paper ripped off. Seriously...I thought to myself... I told him that I needed a whole roll and this would not be enough. He told me that he would go get me another piece if I needed more. "It will be enough mama...You'll see" He told me. I told him to go get me more. Next he came down with a roll (Thank God) and a piece. This situation was so funny I just had to take a picture after the fact.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mini Vacation

Our Mini Vacation was so much fun. We left early on Friday morning and came home Sunday Night. The house my In Laws rented had a gorgeous view of the Galena trees covered with snow. I tried to get a good picture of the view,but a photo could not possibly capture it's beauty. When we got to the house on Friday Grandma took the kids swimming in a indoor pool and I stayed behind with Lil Worm and took a nap. Friday was my Husbands Birthday so we went out to dinner at a nice Italian Restaurant. The food was so delish! On Saturday we went to Chestnut Mountain Ski Resort and I watched my Monkey boy learn to Ski with his Daddy. Pure Bliss! I hung out with Lil Worm in the restaurant and lounge area until everyone was done then we went back to the rental house ate dinner and everyone went to bed early because skiing exhausted them out. ( I however can fall asleep anytime) so I enjoyed going to bed early also. On Sunday Morning the kids decided that they wanted to go swimming again. PaPa wanted to do some Sledding,but since the kids had so much fun swimming that's what they did. I again stayed home and Napped with Lil Worm. This Mini vacation was very relaxing for me. It was a much need get away, and I was extremely happy to have had my In-Laws invite us. As you get older in life you learn to not take things for granted. When people do nice things for my family and I often words cannot express how Thankful I am.

Wordless Wednesday

***I LOVE to put them in matching clothes whenever I can

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Econobum !

I was super excited to have won this diaper from Cloth Diaper Talk . This is a Blog that goes with the Thanks Mama Cloth Diaper Store. This was the 1st Cloth diaper that I won. I have used this Diaper for over a month now and am still loving it. My favorite feature of this Diaper cover is that it has snaps. I am tired of Velcro and trying to slowly eliminate my stash from it. The Econobum individual comes with 1 cover and 1 prefold. I found the prefold to be very absorbent. The cover also has a lot of stretch to it witch is nice! You can find the Econobum at any number of cloth diaper stores, but at Thanks Mama you can find it for $9.95. A cloth Diaper for under 10 dollars is a great deal to me. ***this is my personal opinion of this cloth diaper, I won this diaper and no-one paid me to write about my opinion****

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Snow Day!!!

We had so much snow fall over night,and it's still coming down. I love taking Monkey boy out to play in the snow, but I did not want to bring Lil Worm out. (I do not think he would like it at all) I had to time this out perfectly. After Lil Worm was down for his nap we ate Lunch and Bundled out to enjoy the snow. I put the Baby Monitor right on the Window Ledge so I could see the lights if he woke up. Monkey boy and I tried to make a Snowman,but the snow as not wet enough. We did however have a good Snowball fight. I love playing in the Snow with my son. It's such a Blessing to be able to be home to do so. Next Year both boys will be big enough. looking forward to that. No Snow day is complete with out Hot Chocolate. Yummy!

Friday, January 8, 2010

A Cloth Diaper store only 10 min away !

They just recently opened a Cloth Diaper store near my neighborhood. Anyone who Cloth Diapers knows that this is Huge ! Now When ever I want to feed my stash or just see products in person all I have to do is hop in the car and go. This could be real dangerous ! LOL Cloth Diapers are a addiction. With all the cute prints out there its had to resist. I made my 1st purchase at this store a week a go,when I went to just check it out. How I ended up purchasing adorable mocha and teal dotted Fuzzi Bunz is beyond me. The shops owner is a Mommy of Twin boys, and when she started Cloth Diapering. She decided to open a store. She is real nice to meet in person, and talked with me about alot of the brands. The store has a real cute name too! Cutie Poops and Bottoms. Not only does she carry cloth diapers,but organic baby food ,cute shoes,everything a mama could want.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Mini Vay-Kay

My In Laws gave us a weekend in Galena Illinois as a Christmas Present this year. We are all going with extended family. They rented a house there and I hope Monkey boy will get to try his hand at skiing. I am busy packing the entire house for this 3 day weekend. They rented a crib for us. I wonder if my Lil Worm will sleep in it. We are only going for 3 days and 2 nights,but since I have not been anywhere since Monkey boy was 18 months I am really looking forward to this. I hope they have a big soaking tub. I want to take a relaxing bath. I cannot wait to see how Beautiful Galena is in the Winter.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Frustration !!!

Let the new year begin. Ugg ! Do you ever get so aggravated and frustrated with your Husband over over petty things? Whenever I come home from a store my husband immediately starts panicking at the sight of how many grocery bags I have. Weather it be a grocery shopping trip, or a run to Babies R Us for things we need he cannot stand to see so many bags. He immediately starts looking through the bags to see what I purchased. He starts seeing dollar signs. Even If what I purchased was cost efficient. I myself cannot stand the fact that they put 3 things in a bag. This is just one of those things that frustrates my marriage. We have been together since we were 16 years old. We have been married for 6 years. I am now 32. You think I would be use to this. I guess I have to learn how to live with this since he will not change. Tell me what does your significant other do that drives you crazy?

Saturday, January 2, 2010

What's Your New Year's Resolution?

I hope everyone had a great New Years Eve and Day. We had some family and Friends over and the adults played the game Taboo. This is a fun game. Monkey boy's cousin slept over and Monkey boy stayed up way past 12:00 am . The longest he has ever ever stayed up. I always make a New Years resolution. Sometimes its hard coming up with one. My New Years Resolution this year is to have more Patience with everyone. People who are driving and going to slow. The lady in front of you at the grocery store who has like 3 price checks. My Children who sometimes do not get in the car as fast as I would like them too. I believe that if I try to remember to have patience in these situations I will be less stressed out and enjoy life more. Tell me do you make resolutions ? If you do...... what is it?