Thursday, January 21, 2010

*****************************Baby Proofing

As most of you know we recently moved in to a new house. Our old house was baby proofed for our 1st son Monkey boy. We had gates where we needed them. Padding on the Fireplace. Door knob covers on the doors. etc. Now in this new house and with Lil worm crawling we need to baby proof this one. What a huge pain this is not to mention the expense. I am in now need of a extra large walk through baby gate for wide spaces. I also need new padding to somehow cover up the staircase that Lil Worm has fell into the side off twice. Its amazing what danger these little babies can get into. I have some friends who say they never needed to baby proof their house. I do not get this! My two boys get into everything. Did you Baby Proof your house ?


Melissa said...

Those boys! I've been baby proofing as Ethan gets bigger. As he gets into something that's when I baby proof it. Except the electric covers. I've had those covered for awhile. Don't want to take a chance on that! I kinda keep Ethan inclosed in the living room and that's pretty baby proof.
Good luck!

Momma Such said...

Did your friend have girls? LOL just kidding! I wouldn't know the difference anyway b/c I only have boys, but boys get into everything!!! They are constantly exploring and pushing their limits. We have to make sure all outlets are covered, all cabinets have locks, all doors that they shouldn't go in have covers (which are hard for even me to open!) and most importantly we have to make sure our stove has covers on the knobs (which stink b/c they are almost impossible to maneuver so I can cook!)
Good luck! I hope you are able to find everything you need! I'm still searching for a perfect gate for the bottom of our stairs.

Momma Such said...

Hey Carly! Thanks for commenting! You don't have it set up so I can email back to your comment, so I thought I would just stop by here and comment back. We love the name Caiden as well...It's our oldest son's name! :)