Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Today A Piece Of My Heart Drove Away On A School Bus...

Today was Monkey Boys 1st Full Day Of Kindergarten. He was so excited to take the Bus. I was so Nervous. We got ready for School and walked down to the Bus Stop. He was the only Kindergartner at the stop. Most of the Kids were in 2nd through 4th grade. He kept telling me this is so weird,he seamed to have a nervous energy about him. He told one of the older boys about his Bat Man Folder..."with the Joker on it". The older Boy was less than impressed,and I just thought it was cute he was making small talk. The Bus came and Monkey Boy got on. The Bus Driver was great and she was taking attendance and had the Kindergartners sit in the front seats. I could only take One Picture for as soon as I clicked the Button the tears began to flow and I did not want him to see me cry. The Bus Driver informed me that they would probably be late at Pick up time due to all their extra checking and getting to know the kids. Well they were 20 min late at pick up time and I got a little scared about where his Bus was. When he finally got home Monkey Boy jumped off the Bus with a Huge Smile on his face saying how cool Kindergarten was. I'm glad I survived this Milestone,but why is it so hard to Let them Grow ?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Today was a Emotional day ..It all started this Morning when my MIL came over to take Monkey Boy Swimming. She also brought over a Huge Bag of School Clothes for Monkey Boy. My Husband was loading the Morning dishes in the Dishwasher and Lil Worm was trying to climb into the dishwasher. She was trying to show me the clothes ,so I put Little Worm in the Living Room and is a open floor space to the Kitchen except we have a Baby Gate to keep him out of the Kitchen. I can see him at all times. All of a sudden I hear a loud Thud. I rush over the Baby gate and see my Lil Worm covered in blood from his Nose. He somehow fell into the Bottom of the staircase Banister. I use to have Foam on there when he was first learning how to walk,but since he has gotten older and teething he decided it was more fun to eat the Foam. I removed the Foam because it was becoming a choking hazard,and I felt that he was better at walking and it was not necessary in that spot anymore. He was screaming so loud. My Husband and I took a look at it and Knew he needed to go to the Emergency Room. My Mil stayed with Monkey boy and eventually took him to the pool. My Husband and I went to the Emergency Room. I was so glad that my husband was with me. Being 8 Months Pregnant I was a emotional wreak. They had to restrain him and he needed 5 stitches in his Nostril. I could not take my Baby crying so hard. A cry that is so Different from anything I have ever experienced with him. My Husband stayed in the room with our Baby and I walked down to the Emergency Room Bathroom where I could still hear him cry ...It seamed like it took forever. I almost threw up in the Bathroom I was so sick to my Stomach. When it was over I held my baby so tight and kissed him until he calmed down from the whole experience. When we got home I went to Babies R Us and purchased some more foam to cover the Banister,and a new toy for my Little Boy. He is doing well and the stitches will be out on Wed,but boy my 1st Son has never needed stitches and this was so scary. Being a Mom is so much harder than I could ever imagine.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Summer Colds

Seriously who was I to think that I could get through a entire Summer without anyone in our Family getting sick. It started with Monkey Boy last week. He had a Runny nose and a Temp of 100. It never turned into anything more for him and I was glad that he was getting over it. Well It hit both me and Lil Worm last night. We Both have temps around 100. I have a sore throat and a stuffy nose. Little Worms is a complete mess because of the cold he was fighting sleep all night long...... until I finally dove around my Neighborhood at 2 in the morning to put him in a deep sleep.. I slept from 3am to 7 am when he got up for the day. I already put him down for a nap at 9.30 this morning and I slept on the couch wile Monkey Boy played around me . I hope this cold passes quickly for both of us. Is Hard being 8 Months Pregnant on Modified Bed rest and still being a Mom.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Please Stop Growing so Fast!!

In just 21 short days my oldest Son will be starting his 1st day of Kindergarten. I can barely stand it. I had to drop off his School Physical at the office today and was so emotional. I'm sure all the Pregnancy Hormones are not helping the situation any. His first day will be on Aug 23 . It is a orientation day and meet the Teacher ..... I get to go with him. How will I keep it together and not scare him by turning into a blubbery mess? Also What am I going to do when he steps on that School Bus the next day. Just thinking about it hurts. In just 5 short years I went from


To This: Please Stop Growing so fast Mommy cannot take it!!!