Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pay it Forward

I recently decided to do a "Pay It Forward " with Mary Anne from MaMa Smiles Blog. Her blog is so enjoyable to read. The package that she sent me was awesome. It included A reusable snack bag, Colored Pencils for Monkey Boy ,and a handmade baby bear for Lil Worm. Lil Worm LOVES this bear. It is just the right size for his little hands. The rules on the Pay it Forward game is simple. If you receive a gift you have to then give a gift. Well I am not a very crafty person,but I would Love to send you a little surprise in the mail for your family. It will not be handmade, but will be fun. So who ever is the 1st person to leave a comment will get a little care package in the mail. Please leave me your email address so I can contact you. Then all you have to do is keep the "Pay It Forward" going.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Where Have I Been???

Where have I Been? I have been so busy and crazy with life. I am a Dance Teacher and I teach about 20 classes a week. I work at 3 locations . This Year I have 4 dance recitals! I have about 150 students total. This past weekend I finished 1 recital. It went great:) Recital season is so insane. I love teaching dance.. It allows me to be home with my Children every single day. So beside teaching dance, I still have to do all the Mommy things that we moms do! Ya know the Laundry, Cleaning, Cooking, Playing ect. Sometimes I wonder why I blog when I feel like I am loosing Readers because I cannot keep up with posting every day. Then I tell myself that it's O.K . I am creating this Blog for my Children to read when they are older. Hopefully when they are Adults they will realize that their Mom did a lot and tried her best:)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

That's What Lil Boys Are Made Of

Monkey Boy had his very first T-Ball Game yesterday. It was so cute to see him excited to play baseball. If you have never watched 4 and 5 year old's play T-ball then you are missing out. It was so funny:) As soon as someone would hit the ball ,the entire outfield would run for the ball. They would then proceed to jump on one another like a little mosh pit in attempts at getting the ball. Where we signed him up they do not keep score. There are no Winners or Losers. They just play the game and had fun. I Never thought I would have a Boy. I do not like sports or watching them on T.V. I am truly blessed that I get to experience The joys of parenting a Boy:)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Time for a 1st Hair Cut !


Is it just me. Am I the only one who gets a little teared up at the thought of cutting of my sons baby hair. Lil Worm was due for his 1st haircut. I could not put it off any longer. His hair was hanging down in his eyes. I took him to a place called Cool Cuts for kids. They have little cars and airplanes for the kids to sit in with a seat belt while they watch a movie to keep them distracted. Lil Worm did very well . I do not know how the Hairstylist can cut a baby's hair. I would be so nervous with how much they move all over the place.


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Gen -Y

I am a giant sucker for cute Cloth Diaper prints. I recently found Gen-y wile playing around one night on the computer. They have the most adorable Diaper covers with snaps. I immediately fell in love with the Retro cowboy print and the Owl print. I ordered these 2 covers and received them in the mail rather quickly. I prepped them and was eager to try them out. I usually use prefolds with a Snappi underneath it. I have been using these covers for about a month now and am still in love with them. They have held up amazingly in the wash. I have probably washed them a total of 8 times and I still have no fading on the prints. I love the fact that they are snaps so they do not cause any Velcro snakes in my machine:) Seriously how cute is this Retro Cowboy Print:)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Pregnancy Cravings??

Cravings during pregnancy are so weird. I have been all over the place with my cravings and food aversions. I remember with my 1st pregnancy In the beginning I was craving Orange Juice. I could not get enough of the stuff. I probably drank a Gallon every 2 days. Then as time went on I craved Rice Crispy treats,Strawberries, Chinese Food,Pickles, and Steak. When I was pregnant with baby #2 I craved milk , Bagels and cream cheese and plain Mac Donald's Cheeseburgers. Also I found it strange that the entire time I was pregnant with baby#2 I could not look at or eat grilled chicken. Now I am pregnant with baby #3 and even though I am just entering my 2ND trimester I have craved Ice Tea and Ice Mocha's. Now I have been making my own Ice tea at home with decaffeinated tea,but I have given into the Iced Mocha's. So tell me what kind of crazy things did you eat or not eat when your were pregnant???

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sick, Sick and more Sick

Well I am sick. I think I have a Sinus Infection. I am going to call by O.B. Doctor this morning as soon as they open. I also am running a small temperature. I hate being sick and trying to take care of a household. This seams worse because I am Pregnant. So not sure what they can give me or what I feel comfortable taking wile pregnant. I have thrown up water this morning. Wow I Hope this passes quickly.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Bunny was Here:)

I love Easter:) Call me a huge dork,but I love making up my children's Easter baskets. When Monkey boy was born I ordered him a Basket with him name on it from Lillian Vernan. Last year I tried to order one for Lil Worm,but they were on back order. This Year I ordered early and now Lil Worm has his own basket with his name on it too. Every year I fill it with items that Monkey boy would like. I "try" not to put a lot of candy in the basket,but it's hard when I see something that I know he likes:) This year Monkey boy is getting Bubbles, cotton candy,bubble gum, a Pez Dispenser in the shape of a Bunny,Phineas and Feb D.S. Game(he asked the Bunny at the mall for this)and a Chocolate Bunny. Lil Worm is getting a Little Tykes toy piano,Organic Sesame Street snacks, a snack cup, a Rubber Duck,toy keys, and Binky's. I so wanted to go the the Cloth Diaper store and get him a new diaper,but I have not have any extra time :( When we wake up in the morning we will open our baskets and find the eggs all over the house. Then we will head out to Grandma and PaPa's house for Easter Dinner. Hope you have a Great Easter:)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Lil Worm's 1st Birthday Party.

Lil Worms 1st Birthday Party was a Huge Success. We had his Party at our house,and invited about 20 adults and 10 children. Too my Surprise everyone I invited could come. This made for a crowded house. My house is not that big and it was Pretty Claustrophobic, but still a very enjoyable party. We served Homemade baked Mostocolli with garlic bread and salad. I kept the Party Moving. I did Lunch ,Cupcakes,&Presents all in a 2 hour window. I for one hate going to Birthday Party's or Showers that take over 4 hours because the people are moving to slow. We all have things that we need to accomplish before a Monday:) Lil Worm Looked so cute in his Birthday Pants. I purchased these on Etsy by a very talented Woman. Marmalade Baby is the name of her etsy store. These pants had so much details put into them. I got to pick out my own colors and she made them to my sons measurements. I am beyond thrilled with these Wool Longies! I will be getting his 1 year old Photo's done soon in these pants. Lil Worm Loved his 1st taste of a Cupcake. I loved watching him dig in to the yummy mess:)