Monday, April 26, 2010

Where Have I Been???

Where have I Been? I have been so busy and crazy with life. I am a Dance Teacher and I teach about 20 classes a week. I work at 3 locations . This Year I have 4 dance recitals! I have about 150 students total. This past weekend I finished 1 recital. It went great:) Recital season is so insane. I love teaching dance.. It allows me to be home with my Children every single day. So beside teaching dance, I still have to do all the Mommy things that we moms do! Ya know the Laundry, Cleaning, Cooking, Playing ect. Sometimes I wonder why I blog when I feel like I am loosing Readers because I cannot keep up with posting every day. Then I tell myself that it's O.K . I am creating this Blog for my Children to read when they are older. Hopefully when they are Adults they will realize that their Mom did a lot and tried her best:)

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Melissa said...

I have found that keeping busy makes me eat less! Glad your recital went well. What ages do you teach? Were you a dancer when you were younger? I would love to see pics:) I danced when I was little and also in High School and some in college. I love to dance still!