Sunday, April 11, 2010

Gen -Y

I am a giant sucker for cute Cloth Diaper prints. I recently found Gen-y wile playing around one night on the computer. They have the most adorable Diaper covers with snaps. I immediately fell in love with the Retro cowboy print and the Owl print. I ordered these 2 covers and received them in the mail rather quickly. I prepped them and was eager to try them out. I usually use prefolds with a Snappi underneath it. I have been using these covers for about a month now and am still in love with them. They have held up amazingly in the wash. I have probably washed them a total of 8 times and I still have no fading on the prints. I love the fact that they are snaps so they do not cause any Velcro snakes in my machine:) Seriously how cute is this Retro Cowboy Print:)


Amy said...

so sweet....

Happy Monday..

Tegan and Tage said...

The retro cowboys are adorable! And I have a thing for owls. I'm going to have to check out Gen-Y.

(And I can't wait to see your "A Day in the Life" post. :)