Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What do you use for Night Time ? ...A Cry Out For Help !

I would really like to be able to Cloth Diaper Lil Worm at night again. When he was under 6 months old I used Bum Genius with 2 microfiber inserts and this did the trick for me. Then all of a sudden Lil worm started to leak right through those Diapers at night. I also thought he was waking up at night because he did not like being wet. I would change him and get him back to sleep. I do have disposable Diapers in the house in case we have a baby sitter or even Grandma who has a hard time with the cloth. I started to use them at night! Ugggg! I feel like I'm wasting so much money. I was tired of changing the crib sheets , Pajamas, & a new Diaper at 3 A.M. Anyone who does Cloth Diaper knows how annoying Disposable diapers are after you have tried Cloth. I would LOVE to know what has worked for your Heavy Wetters at night. Please Please Give me some ideas. I do not want to buy all sorts of covers if they are not going to work. Thanks Mama's for your advice!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Came.....And Then it Went...

Is it just me or does it seem like Christmas went by real fast this year. I actually feel like the whole year is going by real fast. Christmas Eve we went to my In-laws house for a family get together. Monkey boy ran around their huge house like a crazy man. He had so much fun with his cousins playing video games and eating from the Chocolate fountain that Grandma and Pa Pa always set up every year. Lil worm was a good baby. I think he had a good time looking at everyone and exploring a new house on his hands and knees. It figured that when it was time to eat Dinner I had to take Lil worm in the back Bedroom and feed him and we took a nap together. I missed dinner, but I loved our peaceful moment together( and the much needed nap). When we woke up..... I ate dinner. It was yummy. We made it home by 10:30. We got everyone to bed just in time for Santa to make his way to our house. Monkey Boy woke up at 8 am on Christmas Morning. We opened all the Presents that Santa brought. Monkey boy got a guitar with flames on it, the Crayola Glow Dome, and real live fish. Santa brought Lil worm a toy telephone and a baby car that he can sit on. It was a great Christmas . I also got my Christmas wish. My wish was NOT to be in the emergency room on Christmas eve or day. (If you remember I was in the Emergency room on Halloween Eve and Thanksgiving Eve with Lil worm) Thank Goodness My wish came true and we all enjoyed Christmas.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Nothin's Better

Than when you 10 month old falls and you are the one who can scoop him up....... and with one snuggle make it all better.

Than the way your Children smell and look after their bath right before bed.

Than Watching your Babies Sleep

Than being able to be the one who gets to experience all the 1st's. (Crawl,Word,Walk,Food,Tooth)

Than Seeing your Children's eyes Light up when they come down the stairs and Santa has left them lots of presents.

Than when your Son hugs you and tells you he wants to merry you.

Than being the recipient of the most precious gifts God could ever give you, your Children.

Than Walking into your Child's room after they have taken a nap and seeing their smile when they wake up.

Than being a Mom

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Wow This Month has been crazy for me . We just moved into our new house the middle of November. After that we had Bronchitis, UN-Packing, Thanksgiving, More UN Packing, Flu, And now Lil worm is on antibiotics to take care of his Bronchitis. I feel a little torn because I have been so busy I have not been able to Blog as much as I would have liked in December. I try to do a lot of activities in the Month of December to keep up family traditions. It has been real hard to get stuff done when one of us is fighting some sort of cold. I recently got a new Lap Top from my Husband. (our old one would only work if you balanced a Fabreeze bottle on the power plug to keep it charged) A New Computer was a very welcomed gift. Since receiving this WE have not had time to transfer all our photos to the new computer. I don't know about you, but I really like adding photos to my post. I know this is putting a damper on my posts. I hope we can find time to do this. I want to Wish all who have taken the time to read my Posts A Very Merry Christmas. You have all made my Blogging experience a very Welcomed One. Thank You !

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Monkey Boy's Christmas Program

Monkey Boy's Christmas Program was this morning. I was So Looking forward to seeing my son on the Church stage singing . We have had a crazy November and December Thus Far. We moved into our new house in the Middle of November during witch I was recovering from a bought of Chronic Bronchitis that I always seem to get in the winter. On Thanksgiving Eve Lil worm came down with the Flu . Monkey boy somehow managed to stay healthy. I however caught the Flu from Lil worm. Now my Flu has turned into Bronchitis again." O Vey" Monkey boy has the sniffles and Lil worm is still not 100%. Last Night When my Husband got home from work I ventured out to Target to Start Christmas Shopping. I put a small dent into me list. I Left the house at 8 pm and was home by 11pm. I gave everyone baths and finished Dinner before Daddy came home. All he had to do was put everyone in bed. Mission accomplished! However upon my return Lil worm was crying in his crib. He is a awful sleeper. I try to go in there and Rub him and shhhhhhh him and nothing works. As soon as he sees me he wants up and he will stop at Nothing to get what he wants. I struggled with him from 11 til 12 to stay in his crib. Then it was Downstairs to watch Baby Einstein and calm him down. We stayed up until 2 am when I finally got in bed. Monkey boy woke me up at 3 am because I heard him coughing. I went into his room and gave him some medicine. At 5:30 my Husband alarm clock goes off for work. We Chatted in bed about why Lil worm does not sleep and how We cannot find the Video Recorder to record Monkey boys Christmas program. Remember we just moved in this house 25 days ago. So I figured I would take a lot of pictures and that would have to do. I got up at around 6:30 am made coffee and thought about the plan of attack for getting out of this house and in time for the program. After a half a cup of coffee I began:

6:45 = start packing Diaper Bag

6:55= Prepare Bottle for when Lil Worm wakes up

7:00 Wrap the Teachers gifts and put by back door so I will not forget to bring them

7:30 call girlfriend to confirm that I will meet her and her Daughter in the Church Lobby

7:32 Realize that its 7:32 and both the boys are still sleeping (we have to leave by 8:30)

7:35 1st attempt to wake up Monkey boy who tells me hes sooooo tired. Open his blinds

7:40 I Plug in my curling iron and jump in the shower

7:48 take the the world quickest shower all wile telling Monkey Boy to hurry up and get dressed

7:50 get myself dressed

7:54 get Lil worm out of his crib and change him (HE woke up when I was in the Shower)

8:00 I Un -Plug my Curling Iron and decide to sport the ponytail (who was I kidding like I would have time to do my hair.)

8:08 Come downstairs with everyone and feed Lil worm his bottle

8:16 Go outside and warm up my car and load the car with Diaper bag and Teachers gifts

8:20 Start to Bundle everyone in their Winter gear

8:25 Everyone is Bundled up and load everyone in the car

8:28 Give Monkey boy a banana and Apple juice in the car for Breakfast (doughnuts and snacks directly after program)

8:50 Arrive at school

8:51 grab Stroller and unload Diaper Bag and Teachers gifts.

8:58 walk in school

The Program was great Monkey boy was so cute. When I took off his winter hat his hair was all over the place . He wanted me to fix it in the Bathroom and NOT in the classroom. He was acting funny and he told me in the bathroom that he was nervous. Too Cute. I told him he would do great and brought him to his classroom. Lil worm an I went into the Sanctuary and waited for the Program to begin. I wore a long beaded necklace and Lil worm sat on my lap and played with that necklace the entire time. He was very well behaved. Thank Goodness!!
When it was Monkey boys turn to get up on stage my camera (of coarse) stopped working. I decided to stop trying to figure it out and enjoy the performance. At the reception I asked a mom who did record the entire thing if she would please please make me a copy. She agreed.
It amazes me that it takes so long to get out of the house with 2 kids. Bye the time we were done I felt like I just ran a mini marathon. What time would someone with 4 or more kids need to start getting ready to leave?

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Ship has Sunk !!!

Well I am so sick. I do not know if its the Flu or what. I started to feel under the weather on Tuesday night. I had to work on Wednesday from 12-8 so I sanitized my hand as much as possible and tried not to touch the kids. I am a Dance Instructor . I teach 20 classes a week and Wednesday was their last class before Christmas break. It was also their parent viewing class, so I didn't want to cancel their show off class. I am suppose to have 3 classes tomorrow ,I hope I can muddle through those classes to because it's their last class and parent viewing too. I'm awake right now and it's 4 AM my Lil worm and I have been fighting to get him to sleep since 2 AM. I finally gave up and decided to watch Baby Einstein. I hope after this he will want to go back to bed. My Husband is upstairs sleeping because he has to go out of town at 5 this morning. Well I absolutely hate being sick with kids, I feel like I cannot keep up on ANYTHING. I hope this illness ends soon for me because I have not even done any Christmas shopping. I normally do Christmas cards too ,but with the move in November and Lil worm getting sick on Thanksgiving, and now my illness I might just have to let some things go. I wanted to do them too so everyone would know we moved and have a new address. O Well Like I said I gotta let some things go. Right now I feel like a sinking ship. I hope this passes soon.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Is Sleeping Through The Night a Fable?

My Lil worm is not a good sleeper. Monkey boy was not a good sleeper. How I longed for a baby that would sleep. I prayed for it. I wished for it. I read every book on it,and I didn't get it. As most of you know we just moved into our house right before Thanksgiving , and then Lil Worm had the Flu. I figured that his lack of sleeping was because of the transition to the house and the Flu. Well the house is no longer new, and the Flu is over. Lil worm just turned 9 mo. Last night he was up 3 times. I didn't have to feed him,but I did have to rock and snuggle with him. I Treasure our snuggling time,but I would love for it to happen at noon and not 2 am. The 2 nights prior he did sleep through the night, but why can't this happen for like 7 Nights in a row? It's such a tease to have a 9 mo old sleep for 2 nights and on the 3 be up 3 times. I can't stand when people ask you the dreaded question"Is he a good sleeper?" "Does he sleep through the night?" I always respond "He Sleeps when he wants to sleep" uggg. One again I am just convinced that Sleeping through the night is A Fable . A story that sleep deprived Mommy's made-up long ago to cope with their lack of sleep.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Monkey boy recently drew a picture of Him and I. I was so excited to have legs. This is the 1st picture he ever drew where I have arms and legs. He is on the left and I am on the Right. He drew a picture of his favorite Imaginary mouse next to him , and a Flower next to me. The big circles on the top of the page are clouds. I asked him " Where his Baby Brother was in the picture?" He told me" This Picture was when we were taking a walk ,and Lil worm was still in my belly." I Love this Photo , and I Love my Monkey Boy!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What are you Looking At ?

Monkey boy took this photo while I was making Dinner. You can only Wear Them for so long ! I enjoy every moment..... Even when he is to fussy to let me make Dinner by myself. Priceless !