Saturday, August 13, 2011

My Head Hurts

Wow if someone would have told me how hard being a Mom of 3 was I probably would have never believed them. Why is it that being a Mom 24/7 makes you feel like you are failing every day?

I have No time..I mean NO time. I am always behind on Laundry,Housework,Summer Reading sight words with my 6 year old,everything.

Everyone tells me that I need to go out and do something for myself, and I did go see a play with one of my dear friends .. We stayed out pretty late and ya know what I am still recovering from being out. I am more sleep deprived,I am behind on laundry and the grocery shopping day was off. I am Constantly trying to catch up,it was fun going out ,but was it worth it? All the stress when I get back home?

My life is not about me or my needs ..It does not matter if I enjoy what I am eating for Dinner or weather or not I even sit down for a meal. I am just barely making it every day . It does not matter what I want to do,it's what needs to be done and what my children Need. I go take my children to places that they will have fun at (Kids Museum,Zoo,) even if it means total chaos. Life right not is not about me enjoying a leisurely walk through the Zoo looking at the animals and reading their stats..Its making it through the Zoo ..making sure everyone one eats and stays hydrated then loading up all the gear and un -loading.

do NOT get me wrong I would not change having 3 Kids for the world...just tell me when will this get easier? Thank You for reading my vent and keep me in your prayers ,because I am barely treading water right now!