Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Monkey Boy's Christmas Program

Monkey Boy's Christmas Program was this morning. I was So Looking forward to seeing my son on the Church stage singing . We have had a crazy November and December Thus Far. We moved into our new house in the Middle of November during witch I was recovering from a bought of Chronic Bronchitis that I always seem to get in the winter. On Thanksgiving Eve Lil worm came down with the Flu . Monkey boy somehow managed to stay healthy. I however caught the Flu from Lil worm. Now my Flu has turned into Bronchitis again." O Vey" Monkey boy has the sniffles and Lil worm is still not 100%. Last Night When my Husband got home from work I ventured out to Target to Start Christmas Shopping. I put a small dent into me list. I Left the house at 8 pm and was home by 11pm. I gave everyone baths and finished Dinner before Daddy came home. All he had to do was put everyone in bed. Mission accomplished! However upon my return Lil worm was crying in his crib. He is a awful sleeper. I try to go in there and Rub him and shhhhhhh him and nothing works. As soon as he sees me he wants up and he will stop at Nothing to get what he wants. I struggled with him from 11 til 12 to stay in his crib. Then it was Downstairs to watch Baby Einstein and calm him down. We stayed up until 2 am when I finally got in bed. Monkey boy woke me up at 3 am because I heard him coughing. I went into his room and gave him some medicine. At 5:30 my Husband alarm clock goes off for work. We Chatted in bed about why Lil worm does not sleep and how We cannot find the Video Recorder to record Monkey boys Christmas program. Remember we just moved in this house 25 days ago. So I figured I would take a lot of pictures and that would have to do. I got up at around 6:30 am made coffee and thought about the plan of attack for getting out of this house and in time for the program. After a half a cup of coffee I began:

6:45 = start packing Diaper Bag

6:55= Prepare Bottle for when Lil Worm wakes up

7:00 Wrap the Teachers gifts and put by back door so I will not forget to bring them

7:30 call girlfriend to confirm that I will meet her and her Daughter in the Church Lobby

7:32 Realize that its 7:32 and both the boys are still sleeping (we have to leave by 8:30)

7:35 1st attempt to wake up Monkey boy who tells me hes sooooo tired. Open his blinds

7:40 I Plug in my curling iron and jump in the shower

7:48 take the the world quickest shower all wile telling Monkey Boy to hurry up and get dressed

7:50 get myself dressed

7:54 get Lil worm out of his crib and change him (HE woke up when I was in the Shower)

8:00 I Un -Plug my Curling Iron and decide to sport the ponytail (who was I kidding like I would have time to do my hair.)

8:08 Come downstairs with everyone and feed Lil worm his bottle

8:16 Go outside and warm up my car and load the car with Diaper bag and Teachers gifts

8:20 Start to Bundle everyone in their Winter gear

8:25 Everyone is Bundled up and load everyone in the car

8:28 Give Monkey boy a banana and Apple juice in the car for Breakfast (doughnuts and snacks directly after program)

8:50 Arrive at school

8:51 grab Stroller and unload Diaper Bag and Teachers gifts.

8:58 walk in school

The Program was great Monkey boy was so cute. When I took off his winter hat his hair was all over the place . He wanted me to fix it in the Bathroom and NOT in the classroom. He was acting funny and he told me in the bathroom that he was nervous. Too Cute. I told him he would do great and brought him to his classroom. Lil worm an I went into the Sanctuary and waited for the Program to begin. I wore a long beaded necklace and Lil worm sat on my lap and played with that necklace the entire time. He was very well behaved. Thank Goodness!!
When it was Monkey boys turn to get up on stage my camera (of coarse) stopped working. I decided to stop trying to figure it out and enjoy the performance. At the reception I asked a mom who did record the entire thing if she would please please make me a copy. She agreed.
It amazes me that it takes so long to get out of the house with 2 kids. Bye the time we were done I felt like I just ran a mini marathon. What time would someone with 4 or more kids need to start getting ready to leave?


Lucco Girls said...

Haha...your day sounds similar to mine with the chaos. Getting out of the house is just something you have to tell yourself 'ok - let's do this!' and do it. No questions asked until we get in the car - at which point we say 'Hmmm...hope we didn't forget anything that we can't live without for a while'. LOL
Glad that you guys are on the road to recovery...hopefully we'll be right behind you! ;-)

Amy said...

Sounds like a fun day. I can barley make it with one I wonder what will happen if I ever add.

HeatherOz said...

oh yeah, getting out of the house with 4 kids is CRAZY! I should give myself more time, but when the alarm goes off, I just want to sleep! That's so cool that you got someone to give you a recording of the video!

And I just wanted to let you know about the reindeer I made. I DID use a cricut to cut them all out. It took forever to cut 72, but MUCH easier than doing anything like that by hand. The little cups are from Stampin'Up. Have you heard of them? That's where all my stamps are from too. I bought the treat cups before I decided to make reindeer. All the kids seemed to enjoy them! Let me know if you need any other info!