Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ask The Mommy's

Normally Tuesday is my Whole house deep cleaning day. I like many Mommy's clean all day long,but on Tuesday I attack my house. Monkey boy goes to school on M,W,F Mornings. I am a Dance Teacher and teach 20 classes a week. On Tuesday I teach 2 classes when Daddy gets home from work. On Wed I teach 9 Classes ( I start at 1:30 and finish at 8:45) On Thursday I teach 3 classes after Daddy gets home. On Saturday I teach 6-8 classes. So I am a stay at home -working mom. Just wondering if you attach your house 1 day a week, or do you have a schedule? Like floors on Monday,Sheets on Tuesday etc. I like to do the deep Cleaning On Tuesday,because on Monday...lets be honest I am too lazy. Then after working on Wed I am too tired. I also like to enjoy my Fridays and do not want to deep clean on Friday. I feel like the weeks fly by and as soon as I clean my bathrooms its time to do it all over again. Tell me what works for you ?


Helene said...

Girl, how do you keep track of your schedule? For a SAHM, you sure do work a lot (besides all the stuff you do for your kiddos!!)

I have plenty of friends who do their housecleaning through the week, on a schedule and it works well for them. I just do my cleaning when I can fit it in. My attitude these days is why bother sweeping the floor when one of the kids will spill something on it immediately after I'm done....and why clean off the kitchen table because there will be crumbs on it again at the next meal.

I do some light cleaning every evening after the kids are in bed just to make it presentable for the next day.

Melissa said...

Oh! I'm working on a post about this! I have a few great websites I'll share soon.

Morgan said...

You are really busy!!!

I do odd jobs here and there, but not really on a schedule. I.e., today I bleached and scrubs the sink as well as de-cluttering the cabinet under the sink. The other day I did the bathroom counters. Tomorrow I may vacuum. A schedule does seem like it would be helpful, though.