Friday, May 7, 2010

A Conversation with Monkey Boy

Monkey Boy: Mom can I Marry You?

Me: I am already Married to Daddy

Monkey Boy : I am going to Marry you and I will get you a nice ring and we will eat cake.

Me: Mommy's Can not Marry their sons

Monkey Boy: (almost in tears) But I LOVE you!!

Me: O.K Buddy We will get Married when you are older. I love you too!!

If only he will always want to Marry me.....


Kim said...

That made me smile so much! I love how you gave into him in the end... I mean, how could you argue with that reasoning?

I still have to beg for kisses and "love you's," so I can't wait to have this conversation!

Amy said...

Happy Mother's Day..

Cute Post..

Helene said...

This was so sweet!! My oldest son went through a period like that too when he wanted to marry me! He'll probably grow up to marry a girl who reminds him of you, if that brings you comfort!

Hope you're having a wonderful Mother's day!

natalee said...


Momma Such said...

How cute!

Oh, and thanks for the website! What a cute little boutique! :)

I hope your Mother's Day was great!