Friday, June 18, 2010

Excuses Excuses

Well Friends ...I would love to have a good excuse for where I have been ,but I really don't. My Summer has been so busy with the kids and this pregnancy that at the end of the day I have not found that much time to Blog. I am still reading Posts in the Morning, but have not found the peacefulness in this house of 2 Boys to Blog. We have been so busy almost every day doing outside activities. These Boys of mine are exhausting to keep up with. LOL I just recently went to my Ob. Because I was having a lot of pressure down there and was afraid that I might be having early signs of Labor. Good new is that it is not Early Labor. The Bad news is that it's a Bladder Infection. I have never had one being Pregnant before and boy does it hurt. The Ob put me on a antibiotic and I am starting to feel better.

I have also been busy shopping for this Baby Girl to Be . I will be posting a few of the cute things I have found for her soon:)

Today I am off to buy Fathers Day gifts and run errands. Happy Friday to all!!!


natalee said...

oh feel better...drink cranberry juice..lots of it it works i swear

Helene said...

Good to hear it was only a bladder infection but still, I would imagine it's painful! Hope you feel better soon!

It's been a busy summer around here too!