Monday, July 5, 2010

4 th of July Weekend

Wow what a Busy weekend we have had. On Friday I took the kids to a parade. It was Monkey Boy's First Parade ever that he could remember. He had such a great time picking up candy on the streets and watching the Clowns and dogs walk in the Parade. My Girlfriends Daughter was in the Parade with her Brownie Troop so it was fun to see her throwing candy and waving to Monkey Boy. Then On Saturday we had a BBQ with the entire Family at my In-Laws House. The food was delish. They have a Huge inflatable Water Slide that they bought a few years back and set it up every year at their 4Th of July Party. Both the Boys had so much fun playing with their cousins in the water. I on the other had am exhausted. Being 7 Months Pregnant and chasing after a one year old in the water did this Mommy in. My Husband and I drove separately so I could leave with the Baby early and get him in bed as close to his bedtime as possible. Yesterday we went to the pool that my In-Laws belong to let the kids swim. We had a great time at the pool and then went to another BBQ at our Cousins house. It's so awesome to be invited to do so many fun activities,yet so hard to keep up with everything when you are pregnant. I am a little aggravated with myself because I took no pictures:( I was so Busy chasing after a one year old I totally forgot up until I wrote this post that i have no Pictures to go with the 4Th. That being said I think it's O.K. because we were living in the moment and everyone had a Blast:)

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