Saturday, October 10, 2009


I just received a issue to the November Parents magazine. I was so surprised to see that on page 92 there is a small article on saving "Dollars On Diapers" They go on to tell you that it costs a average of 2,000 dollars to diaper 1 child. Their tips on saving money on diapering includes the fallowing:

Collect Coupons

Be Open to the Bargain Brands

Buy in Bulk

Find the right fit (so you don't waste money on leaks)

I enjoy this magazine I often read very useful articles, But this article just disappointed me ! It amazes me that they never mention saving money by using cloth diapers. Many people do not even know that cloth diapers are a option. I wish cloth diapers companies were able to spend more money on advertising by having ads in these popular magazines,maybe even commercials. When you are at the grocery store of if you have a subscription check out page 92 of Parents magazine. I for one am going to write to them this time on this article.


Katie said...

Do you have a mailing address for them? (or e-mail) I would love to send a letter as well. I'm disappointed, since even celebs are coming out these days in support of CDs.

Carly said...

You can go to and at the top it says talk to the editors and you can email them

Carly said...

You can write to them
Parents Customer Service
P.O. Box 37245
Boone,IA 50037-0245

Amber Liddle said...

Yea! I'm so glad to see I'm not the only one :)

I emailed them at