Monday, October 12, 2009

Great America In The Rain !

We recently got a real good deal at tickets to a private day out at Great America. We have been wanting to take Monkey boy all Summer but couldn't justify the pricey tickets. Well my girlfriend Judy got us tickets at just 35 dollars per person and Lil worm was free. The awesome part of this deal is that it was a private party so hardly no lines. We purchased our tickets about a week in advance and were real excited to go. Then the day came . The weather called for rain and lots of it. The tickets were non refundable. We could not find a sitter for Lil worm so off we went. I have 2 strollers. A Zooper and a Britax. We took the Zooper because it has a rain cover and a foot muff so we could keep Lil worm warm and dry. I also brought my baby Hawk baby carrier. Just in case Lil worm wanted to be worn. At Great America there is a Mothers room that is quiet and has 3 rocking chairs in there so you can take care off your Lil one. This room was a life saver. Over all we had a great time and Lil worm was a trooper.

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Amy said...

That is amazing they had a mother room. I am glad all of you had a great time.