Thursday, October 29, 2009

I Need Your Help !

So we are all feeling better . Thank Goodness! I now need to get packing soon. We will be moving around the middle of November. The problem is that I have never moved with 2 kids. I'm nervous about packing. When do I pack up the toys?(do I pack them all or leave some out to be played with day of) How much of their clothes should I leave out? How can I cloth diaper the entire day of the move ? Do I pack up some of my Diapers? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm sure some of you out there have some tips on Moving with kids . Also how do I explain the move to my 5 year old? he knows that we have a new house,but will he understand that we will never live in this house again? I know this might seam like a lot of random thoughts, but I am a plan ahead kind of person and I want everything to go smoothly.

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Amy said...

I would pack up all of the big toys and most of them. Then leave out some toys like a favorite toy and they will have something to play with while all of this going on. With the clothes have enough to get you through the time. Do you have Toy Story 2 I think that movie talks about moving. The Diaper thing I am not sure of I do not use cloth. I know bad. Have a great day. I hope these tips work.