Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ready for Bed !

I just love Lil Worms smile in this picture! It really shows his personality! I have a picture somewhere of Monkey boy wearing the same Jammie's, but I cannot find it. (ugg). I really enjoy putting Lil worm in Monkey boys old baby clothes. It's amazing how certain baby clothes bring back such great memories! Do you have a favorite piece of baby clothing? He's has a Bum genius on under the Jammie's. We add a extra insert and we stay dry all through the night !

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Melissa said...

I have kept all of Ethan's clothes incase we have a boy the next time around. We, too, use bGs for night time and love them! The only thing is the velco is not working as well now. Argggg! Has this happened to you?