Monday, October 26, 2009

Everyone's Sick

So we will be moving soon. We got the house that we wanted. I'm real excited about the neighborhood and School. The crazy part is that both my both my boys are sick. I have no time to pack or organize anything because both the boys are so needy. My poor little dudes. We went to the Pediatrician and she said that its just a real bad cold for both of them. It could turn into something worse, but for right now we just have to take it easy and baby them. Lil worm had a temp of 102.7 and Monkey boy had a temp of 103.1 We are keeping the temps down with Tylenol and Motrin. It' s been a couple of exhausting days because I have been up a lot with Lil worm and Monkey boy, just trying to keep the house functioning with laundry , dishes , you know everyday mommy stuff. My husband came home early from work last night after a run to Walgreen's for some necessary items to keep the kids happy like goldfish crackers, Motrin, apple juice, and a rented movie for Monkey boy. Then he did the dishes that I didn't get a chance to do. Great Daddy!! Hopefully they will get better soon. I do not want them to miss out on all the Halloween fun this year. I just prey that we do not get sick after them.


Amy said...

I hope the boys feel better. My little one started getting sick yesterday..

Melissa said...

I hope everyone is feeling better! Take care of yourselfs.