Saturday, October 24, 2009

How to get your Cloth wipes to pop up

I make my own cloth wipes solution. I store my cloth wipes in a old Huggies Wipe Container. I use baby washcloths for wipes. I use to use the dry wipe method and spray wipe solution on a wipe when ever I needed one, but as Lil worm is now way more active when he is getting his diaper changed I needed my wipes to pop up rather quickly so I can get the diaper change done fast. I lay one washcloth down and another one on top of it halfway. I the fold the bottom washcloth halfway on top of the 2nd washcloth. I keep doing this until I have enough wipes to fill my container. I cover the wipes with 2 cups of boiled water mixed with 1 squirt on baby soap and 1 squirt of baby oil. Now when ever I need a wipe the can pop up out of my container just like disposable ones do!

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