Thursday, October 22, 2009

It Happened ... Its Hard To Believe...My Monkey Boy turned 5

Monkey boy was born on Oct 11 2004

He was born at 8lbs. 12 oz. He was the most beautiful baby I ever saw. My due date was Oct 6. My water broke Oct 10 at 7:30 am. I went to the Hospital and was in labor until 4:33 am when he came out by c-section on Oct 11. I tried to push him out for nearly 4 hours. I could feel him move downward, but then when I rested between pushes I felt him suck back upward. I never wanted a c- section but I was so happy to have this boy out! We came home from the hospital and my life really changed. I no longer slept, and I cared about a little someone more than myself. Everything we did revolved around this new little boy. Monkey boy was a real cute baby. I did baby sign language with him and he could communicate with me before he could talk. I took this little boy to Mommy and me Music class, Mom and me swimming classes and Gymboree classes when he was a crawler . He was my little buddy going everywhere with me and I enjoyed every Elmo song we listened to and tried to sing along with in the car. Monkey boy was a independent walker-no -climber at 11 months. I could never leave him alone not even for 1 min. This boy climbed on everything. My kitchen table, the couch, the fireplace. The best is when I was doing the dishes and I turned around to find him climbing on the outside of of the railing leading upstairs. We had a gate at the bottom so he could not climb on the stairs, but the outside if the banister is what he wanted. Now you know why his nickname is Monkey boy.

I remembered my sons 1st Birthday. My husband was just finishing putting carpet in the basement the day of his party. We invited everyone to celebrate his 1st Birthday. It was so much fun watching him eat his Birthday Dinner Spagetti for the 1st time ever. We had a Elmo themed Birthday because at 1 he really liked Sesame Street. I remember crying when everyone sang Happy Birthday to him. I could not believe that my little baby was already 1. It felt like the first year flew bye. It's crazy that at one moment you can be listening to a tiny baby scream for 2 hours strait , and you wish that they would just grow -up and all the sleepless nights would be over. Then in a Bink of a eye your baby is 5. It really goes by so fast!

Monkey boy wanted a Halloween themed birthday party. So we did just that! I invited all his friends to come to the Rec Center that I rented out. We had pizza and a Ghost Birthday cake. I had 2 kids tables set up for independent play. I set up Playdoh with Halloween themed Cookie cutters. I had coloring table with Halloween themed coloring sheets. We also had a Ghost Pinata. The part was a huge success. I of coarse teared up when every one sang Happy Birthday. Birthday party's are so emotional for me I remember all the details of my labor and how at 4:33 am my life changed completely. I was given the greatest gift of all My Monkey Boy!



Lucco Girls said...

Happy Birthday Monkey Boy!!!!!!!!

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday!!! My baby is almost 1 and it makes me tear up every time I think about it. I know I'll turn around and he will be 5!
Glad you had a good party!

Amy said...

This is so sweet. My little on turns two in almost a week.

Helene said...

Awwww, he's so adorable! I totally laughed outloud when I saw the pic of him climbing on the outside banister of the stairs. All my boys do that. So we stopped gating off the stairs b/c they would always find their way around the gates somehow.

Happy birthday Monkey Boy!