Thursday, October 15, 2009

Family Traditions

Do you remember doing family traditions with your family when you were little? As a mom I want to create many family traditions with my children. Many traditions I do with my family I'm sure you do with your family. Carving Pumpkins, Making Christmas Cookies, Thanksgiving Dinner, Home made Easter baskets and so on. But do you have any out of the ordinary things that you do that you want to make a tradition in your family? I Always make my son a goodie bag on Valentine's Morning and Halloween . When he wakes up on those days there is a special bag filled with little gifts where he sits at the Kitchen table. I have been doing this for him since he was 2 and he still is surprised to get the special present when he wakes up. Every Christmas I take Monkey boy Shopping to the Dollar Store to pick out gifts for his Grandparents, ,Aunt's Uncle's and Cousin's. I give him his own money, and let him pick out what ever he wants to give them. Sometimes he pick 's out real funny gifts like a pink snorkel for PaPa, or Tums for Daddy because he knows he eats them. I occasionally make homemade pizza with my son. My husband tosses the dough in the air like a real Pizza man and Monkey boys laughs so hard when he does this. Monkey boy also loves putting the toppings on his own pizza. I remember going to get donuts with my Dad every Sunday Morning. We would walk there because we lived so close to the doughnut store. Then I would pretend to read the newspaper with my Mom. So I was wondering what Traditions you do with your family in hopes that they will always remember?


Amy said...

Last year I did the Great Pumpkin and I plan on doing it again. I am doing a post about this kind of thing next month on a friends blog. I will let you know when I do it. Thanks for stopping by and sharing kind words today.

Helene said...

You have some wonderful traditions. I like the idea of leaving them little gifts on V-day!

I love to make sugar cookies with the kids for Christmas. Last year, we actually made our own ornaments to give to family members as their presents. It was so much fun that I could see it being an annual tradition.

Also, on Christmas eve, we bake a birthday cake for Jesus that we eat after dinner on Christmas day. With all the presents and stuff, I don't want my kids to lose the true meaning of Christmas.