Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sleep Training

Well Ive started putting Lil worm in his crib. He's doing good so far . Up until now he as slept in a bassinet in our room, or in my arms in our bed. He is almost 6 months old, and getting a little big for the bassinet so I thought I would give it a try. Last night I put him in there at around 9 he fussed a little cried a little. So what I do is go in there rub his head so gently and then leave the room. I do this as many times as I have to until he falls asleep. I try real hard NOT to pick him up. I just rub rub rub till he falls asleep. He also has this crib projector that displays images on the ceiling and plays calming songs so I turn that on and he kinda gets distracted watching the scene on the ceiling then he falls asleep. Last night I went up there about 3 times to re -give the Binky and rub his head and each time he went back to sleep .There was no middle of the night feeding and even though I was a Nervous Nellie checking on him a few times some pretty good sleep was had by all.

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