Monday, August 31, 2009

6 month check up ...And Shots

Today was a busy morning so far Lil worm had his 6 month check up and vaccines. I vaccinate my kids, but I always separate the shots. Today he was suppose to have 3 shots 1 was a combo vaccine and 2 other ones. So today We just did 1 combo vaccine. I will go back at 7 months to do the other 2. I think that getting all three shots in one day is to much on there little body's to handle. Monkey boy was a trooper at his brother's appointment. He put on the latex gloves and pretended he was the Dr. After the Dr. apt we went to Mac Donald's play land. Later tonight I have Monkey boys preschool orientation. So very busy day What are your feelings on Vaccination Debate ?


Melissa said...

We just do the normal vacs. We've done a lot of research and feel that this is okay.

Helene said...

With my older twins (who are now 4), I did the vaccine schedule as it was suggested by our pediatrician. I didn't know any differently since vaccines weren't a huge debate back when they were babies. But when my 2nd set of twins were born, I was more educated on the topic and I knew I'd want to stagger out their vaccines. I'm not against vaccines in any manner but I didn't want them getting 3-4 vaccines in one visit so I spread them out. I did hold off on the MMR until they were about 28 months (just for my own peace of mind, more than anything else).

Some of my friends thought spreading the vaccines out was a bad idea because then it means more doctor's visits and more shots for the child. But my biggest argument back was if my child were to have a reaction to any vaccine, at least I would know which one was specifically causing that reaction, no matter of how minor the reaction was, like fever or a rash.

In the end, I really believe you just have to go with your gut. You're the only one who knows what's best for your child!

BTW, yes my husband does actually sleep a lot. He's a typical man...he can sleep anywhere. I'm amazed how he can sleep through all the noise and chaos!! In fact, right now he's asleep in the floor of Garrett and Landon's room. He fell asleep in there, while trying to make sure they stayed in their beds while I put Cole and Bella to bed. He ended up falling asleep before Garrett did.

Carly said...

Helene, I agree with you we all are doing whats best for our families. I don't mind paying extra co-pays and spreading them out so I know what shot gives any allergic reaction. WE didn't receive the flu shots yet . Although I'm concerned because they have h1n1 in them to fight off swine flu. I wonder If we will have reactions to this ? Funny about your husbands sleeping through all the noise.