Friday, August 28, 2009

Baby wearing

I love to wear Lil worm. I have a Baby Hawk its a Mai Tie style carrier. I Love this baby carrier. I wore Monkey man in a Baby Bjorn when he was little and that did the trick but seeing how the same girlfriend who lent me the baby bjorn had her 3rd baby 10 days before mine I needed to purchase a carrier of my own. A real good friend recommend the baby hawk. Thank goodness I listened to her because Lil worm likes to be worn so much. I really got my moneys worth. He is six months old now and I wear him at least 1 a day. I feel that wearing my baby sends him the message that he is safe secure and loved.


Melissa said...

And you can get a lot done! I would love to have one where I could carry ethan on my back.

Carly said...

You can carry them on your back or frot with this one . I bought mine they are around 80 dollars but well worth it. Plus you can customize it with your own fabric if you wanted too.