Friday, August 7, 2009

Make your own cloth wipes

Ever wonder why all disposable baby wipes claim to be most like cloth? Why not use cloth? I know this might be a little Crunchy for some but its real easy to make your own cloth wipes. All you need is a spray bottle, baby soap, and baby oil. First I heat up some filtered water in the microwave then I add a little squirt of baby soap and baby oil. (I use the lavender sent it smells so good) I spray it on a baby washcloth when I need to use it, but you can just poor it over the cloth wipes that you would keep in a wipe container. After you use it just wash it with your cloth diapers. Save the earth one wipe at a time!


Family American Style. said...

Wow! I wish I knew that when mine needed wipes. I am stopping by all my followers blogs to say hi. I am having a giveaway on my blog if you would like to enter. You can go to Marianne's House of Shopping "Geveaway" or go to

Helene said...

That's a great tip!!! It would save us so much money if I made my own cloth wipes! You wouldn't believe how many we go through in just one week!

Morgan said...

I find that using cloth wipes gets Baby cleaner with fewer wipes than the disposable kind does. It would take me 5-6 disposable wipes to get a really nasty toddler poo cleaned up, but with cloth- it's only 2-3.

There are so many really simple recipes out there. Even ones that help prevent yeast rashes.

Great tip!