Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Make your Own Baby Apple Puree

Baby food is so simple to make and way more cost efficient then buying the packaged stuff. the prepared baby food is filled with tons of preservatives that make it have a long shelf life. Now don't get me wrong I used jar baby food with my 1st son monkey boy and he turned out OK (crazy but OK). But this time around I realized that its so simple to make your own. You live and you learn. What you will need is about 12 small apples Organic is best , but since you are peeling them regular ones are fine too. Peel and chop all the apples Put into a big pot with a steamer basket on the bottom add 1 cup of water and steam until soft about 35 min on my stove on med high heat. Next add all the apples into the blender I added 6 0z of fresh Breast Milk (I added fresh not frozen stored up milk because you don't want to refreeze thawed milk) then Puree until the right consistency. Next I stored all the baby food in Baby Cubes that are BPA Free. Put in your freezer for up to 8 weeks. When ready to use just heat one up in the microwave and serve.

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