Wednesday, August 12, 2009

**************************************Cloth Napkins

I recently switched to cloth napkins. I'm doing laundry every day anyway adding a few napkins in every load is easy. I bought my napkins at Target. I got 12 all white cloth napkins for 9.99 I bought 2 packs. I keep them in a metal basket on the counter below the microwave . We have never ran out of clean napkins so I think 24 is a good number for this family of 4. Now I'm not polluting the Earth and saving about 5 dollars a month on Napkins. I know that's not a lot of money, but I don't use paper plates either. So I probably save a total of 12 dollars a month off my grocery bill by not buying these paper products. (that's 144 dollars a year ) Now If I could only stop using paper towels!! That's a real hard one for me because I have 2 kids and paper towels are my friend , but who knows maybe Ill ditch them soon ?

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