Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Darth Vader Is ready for Halloween

Monkey Man is ready for Halloween. Yes I know school didn't start yet but you can never be to early to figure out what you are going to be for Halloween. Thanks goes out to Grandma who purchased this Costume for a obsessed Star Wars boy. He has worn it every single day since it came in the mail 7 days ago. I hope it lasts till Halloween with all the playing he is doing in it . What are your kids going to be this year ?


Helene said...

Wow, the boy is ready, isn't he?? He looks adorable!! Cole always cracks me up when he says Darth Vader b/c he pronounces it Dark Biter. LOL

I have no clue what my kids will be this year. We usually do some kind of theme. Like last year they were all superheros. We'll have to go scope out the costumes at Target here pretty soon and let them decide!!

Family American Style. said...

That is a great cosume. He looks so cute.

Melissa said...

We are still trying to come up with a good costume!