Saturday, August 15, 2009

Make Your Own Cute Diaper Pail

Well as all of you know I cloth diaper Lil worm. And I wanted to make my Diaper Pail look cute in his Nursery so all I did was add some Clings on to the Garbage can I bought at Target. I use a wet bag liner to catch all the cloth diapers and I add simple stick on deodorizers to the lid to keep stinkers away. All this probably cost me a total of 20 dollars including the wet bag.


Morgan said...


What's your favorite wetbag liner brand?

Carly said...

The wet bag in this picture is the basic wet bag at Kellys closet. I want to try the Whamies wet bag they have a new monkey print. This one is ok. But after washing it a few times the inside pul has already ripped. So I would not buy this one again.

Morgan said...

The first wet bag I bought was a Wahmies. I've liked it a lot. It's held up very well over the past year and a half!

I finally gave in and bought a second bag earlier this year. It's whatever brand of wet bag carries now. I haven't liked it as well as my wahmies, though. The elastic opening up top is tighter together, which causes water to pool inside the wet bag during washing. I have to dump the water out when I pull it out of the washer. That doesn't happen with my Wahmies, though. Definantly recommend the Wahmies!