Sunday, August 2, 2009

Monkey Boy

I always knew I wanted to become a mom. My husband and I have been toghther for a total of 15 years. When I was dating my husband back in the teenage years we talked about getting married and having kids and living that happy ever after life. Well we got married after 9 years of dating. Had kids. And Happy Ever after.... well we are trying . Lifes so much harder then what you fanatize about in your 20's. Raising kids is the hardest thing Ive ever done. As soon as you think you figure them out they go and do a 360 on you. Monkey boy is my 1st son. He has blessed me with the most important job of my life MOOTHERHOOD. It's hard to belive that in just 2 months my 1st baby will be 5. This kid has a amazing immagination. He has many imaginary friends who he has full conversations with and blames things that he does on them. Where he came up with their names I will never know. The very 1st imaginary friend he ever had was a mouse when he was 3 years old. He would walk around holding his hand out flat as if the mouse was sitting upon his hand. Mousie did everything with him . I once forgot mousie on the way to preschool and he wanted me to turn around and go get him. I convinced him that mousie can run very fast and if we rolled down the windows he would run and jump into the car because he was already fallowing the car. Well now that hes almost 5 we have added 2 more friend to the list. Dash and Morsha (at least these ones are people). He tells me that dash has green hair and wears a army shirt and is 4 years old. Morsha is 5 has pink hair and wears a skull shirt. Monkey boy plays with these friends every day. Its kinda nice that he can entertain himself!
I wonder If he will remember them when hes in his 30's that it was mousie that made him use a whole can of shaving cream when he was taking a bath.
It was Dash and Morsha who made me get chocolete pudding all over myself.


Pete said...

Put some clothes on that kid!

Shannon said...

The stories about Logan's imaginary friends were awesome! I hope you're keeping a record so you can revisit those memories when he's an adult.