Thursday, August 27, 2009

Boys Will Be Boys

For some of you that don't have boys you may not understand this post. I will never understand why a little boy can turn anything into a gun. Monkey boy has turned his fingers into guns. He has turned light sabers into guns. He has even turned dinner forks into guns.( The pictures are tree branches that became a gun ) Why ? I don't know what the fascination with guns is all about. When I was pregnant with Monkey boy I never wanted him to play with a toy gun. I believed this was a unnecessary toy. Then When Monkey boy was 2 my Aunt was watching him while I was at work and to my surprise gave Monkey man his 1st toy gun. I was so shocked that she did this because this was a woman who watched me when I was little and would not let us watch Tom and Jerry because it was too violent,let alone play with toy guns. Well I decided it was one of those things that you just let go of after you have the baby. We have rules for our toy guns. Rule #1 you cannot point the gun at a person only make believe things. #2 We only play with the toy guns at our house #3 If another mommy doesn't let her child play with guns on a play date I put them away. This has worked well for us. Whats your take on the whole toy gun issue?


Melissa said...

I don't really have on yet but I guess we will deal with it when it comes along. We live in Texas so I think guns are mandatory!

Family American Style. said...

That is funny, because I think the majority of boys have this built in magnet that attracts them to guns. I raised my little one on Mickey Mouse club house and I was very careful not to introduce him to guns. Did it help??? No way shape or form!! He likes anything that shoot. Water gun, nerf guns, etc.