Thursday, September 17, 2009

One Last Splash

Since Summer is over I wanted to put our 80 degree weather to good use one more time. Near our house there is a splash park. And for a few dollars you can run through the most amazing sprinkler system. Monkey boy loves this. I love watching him. Lil worm was a real good boy and relaxed with me under a shade tree. When it was time for Lil worm to take a nap this veteran mommy forgot his blanket that he snuggles up with to fall asleep. I thought for sure he would not fall asleep but then I gave him a beach towel not as soft but it made do. I'm sad to see that summer is over but if we had it all year long we would probably tire of it.

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Morgan said...

a splash park sounds cool! It probably would have cost you a few dollars just to run the sprinkler at home for that long anyway, so it sounds like a good deal to me : )

One of my sons cried when I told him the pool was closed now. I love Fall, but it's still kind of sad that we have to wait so long to swim outdoors again.