Thursday, September 3, 2009

Monkey boy and his Baby Reindeer

Monkey Boy has a little stuffed baby Reindeer. It's his favorite toy right now. This Reindeer has to go everywhere and do everything with him. When I was pregnant with Lil worm my husband and I were cleaning out the play room. We were getting ready to donate toys He grabbed the Reindeer and said "this is garbage right?" I said no way. Monkey man plays with this all the time. HE said "really ? " My husband works a lot and sometimes doesn't notice the obvious around him. LOL When will this boy who is about to turn 5 give up this beloved Reindeer ? I don't know for now I just let it be. They grow up to fast to worry about it .

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Melissa said...

That's so funny! It's amazing what they will love. My lo loves a plastic orange crab bath toy. All of his yellow and orange toys seem to be picked up first!