Monday, September 7, 2009

I love Baby legs !!!!

I really love baby legs. They are so easy to wear during the day when you are doing multiple diaper changes. I feel like they make a perfect outfit for the pre-fall season when added with a onesie. Baby Legs have so many designs out there that really you can go crazy. I could easily become a baby leg Hoarder LOL.
Lil worm has about 3 in his wardrobe right now A monkey print, a pirate print , and a robot print. My husband thought they looked kinda girly on Lil worm but just like cloth diapering it grew on him. I also think that they are a great product for when LIl worm starts crawling. They will help protect his knees on my hard wood floor.


Amy said...

That is a great idea.

Helene said...

Those are adorable!! It's like the Flashdance look for babies and toddlers!!!

Morgan said...

Aw, he looks cute in his baby legs!

With the potty training boys vs. girls, I found that potty training my boys was about the same.

I did have a hard time getting my older daughter to potty train, though. She is VERY strong-willed and did not want to use the potty the first couple times I tried. Shortly after she turned 2, I found myself praying and giving the potty thing another try.

That time she finally got it and was staying dry all day right away!