Saturday, September 26, 2009

Daddy Does Cloth Diapers

I am participating in a Cloth diaper Carnival hosted by Kim at Dirty Diaper Laundry the Theme for this months Carnival is Husbands and Cloth!

  • A lot of people in my immediate family and friends think I'm crazy because I Cloth Diaper Lil Worm. You have to remember I never Cloth diapered my 1st son Monkey Boy. I actually looked into it on the Internet when I was pregnant, but my Husband told me he would never change a diaper If I wanted to use cloth on Monkey boy. ( He was scared of the unknown) Being a 1st time mom I could not convince him to give it a try. When we had Lil worm I wanted to Cloth Diaper him . This time I Cloth Diapered him all day and then called my Husband at work and told him that "Surprise I Cloth Diapered our son all day and it was easy and actually fun" I showed my husband how to change a Cloth Diaper When he got home from work and because we use Imse Vimse Flushable Liners He was on board too. They make it so easy to change a poppy diaper! I am amazed at how much this Daddy can do! From not wanting to try it to being able to do a Bikini Twist Fold with a Prefold and a Snappi ! A wile back my back went out and my Laundry Room is in the basement . Did my Husband run out a buy disposables? Nope he washed them and stuffed the pockets like a champ. It is great knowing that my Husband and I are on the same page with Cloth Diapering our son . Even if some of our friends and family think we are crazy . If you have ever considered Cloth Diapering believe me when I tell you It's not the Horror Stories you hear of of Pins and Plastic Pants. It's Modern ,Hip, and Easy to Cloth Diaper so go ahead and try you may become obsessed like me .


Melissa said...

Oh, good for him! I almost wish my husband would wash our cloth diapers but I'm afraid to let him! But he will stuff them if I ask. Love a man who does cloth!

Annie said...

that is fabulous of him!
I need to get some flushable liners...I am so not liking the dunk and swishing LOL

Green Mama said...

Wow, love the fact that he washed and stuffed them! I used to use the same liners....check out my post to see the problems I had with them!

newmami_rgv said...

He is so brave! And he actually stuffed them? Wow! Lucky you. Way to go daddy.