Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bumpkins Diapers

I currently have 2 Bumpkins diapers in my stash right now. I have the Green Urban print, and the Pet Parade. I bought these diapers because I love the Bumpkins super bib and thought the prints were real cute. This Diaper is a true all -in-one. There is nothing to stuff and the soakers are connected to the diaper. It attaches with Velcro. I have size Medium. Lil worm weighs 17 lbs I'm not sure how much longer this size will last on him although the Medium is suppose to go up to 22 lbs. I've been using these diapers for well over 5 months now and they wash great and the Velcro thy use seamed not to be affected with being washed so many times I do not like this diaper for night time use because it wasn't absorbent enough for us. However, for day time use this diaper is very good.


Amy said...

I have not really heard of those before. So they are diapers you wash and reuse?

Carly said...

Yes they are cloth diapers you just throw them in the washing machine. You can use diaper liners to catch the poop. Cloth diapers are super easy to use. Easier then it looks for sure .