Monday, November 9, 2009

It's Monday Already?

I cannot believe how fast the weekend flew bye. I think its hard for me to even have a weekend because I work for 8 hours every Saturday Morning. Do not get me wrong. I love my job and like working. We are so busy preparing to move. Trying to pack and still keep my children's lives as normal as possible. Doing Laundry, School Drop -Off, Pickup, Work, Dinners, ect. My days are very packed. I cannot wait till we are in the new house. It will take some time to settle in, but will all be worth it. Today I packed up everything I needed for Lil worm to run errands when Monkey boy is in preschool. When I got to Preschool my Friend informed me that she forgot she was suppose to be parent helper today. This is a little problem because she has a 2 year old who I needed to watch so she could stay at school. I could not do all my errands in the Morning with 1 child. I now need to do them in the after noon after Preschool pick up. Sometimes in life your day does not go as planed. This now makes everything like laundry and packing pushed back to a later time. I do not mind watching her Little daughter she is so sweet. I Love how Dainty this little girl plays. Watching her is fun. It is just a little annoying when your day does not go as planed. If you are a person who plans things ahead of time you know exactly how I feel. Thank you for all the kind comments when I was having a awful day, Hope your Monday is a good one.


Amy said...

It was nice of you to help out. I am the same way I like to plan and when things go wrong I get a little sad. Oh well. Happy Monday..

Tracey said...

I can't remember the last time things went as planed! Something always happens to throw me for a loop! LOL. Good luck with the move :)