Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Haute Pockets.

I recently Peuchases 2 new Haute Pocket Diapers with Snaps. I purchased the Ruby Red, and Gold Dust color. They are on sale now for 12.95 a Diaper marked down from 17.95. I purchased mine from Nikki's Diapers. I am always building my stash because I seam to always need more Pocket Diapers. I work 2o hours a week and Graqndma and Daddy think pocket Diapers are the easiest. So far I have used then for about a month now and I am really liking them. I love that fact that the snaps do not contribute to my Velcro snake that I pull out of my washing machine every time I wash. I use the fold over laundy tabs,but still somehow seam to get Velcro snakes. I like the microfiber inserts they are more contoured to fill the entire diaper inside. The 2nd insert also snaps to the 1st one. This Diaper looks like it is made very well, I think it will hold up over time, espically the snaps so the velcro doesn't look old.


Melissa said...

Great info! I, too am always looking for new pocket diapers. Have you tried tiny tush? They always have seconds on their web site and they work just as well as the full price ones.

Carly said...

No I have not tried Tiny Tush yet, Maybe soon I can order some. Thanks For the advice

Amy said...

Oh the velcro snake comes to my house. All of the bibs get stuck to everything.