Tuesday, November 17, 2009

In 5 days

In 5 days we will be in our new house. We did a lot of moving and packing little things getting ready or the big move on Sunday. We are trying to get rid of things that we do not use. It is amazing how much extra stuff you have 5 years and 2 kids later in the same house. I am trying to not get frustrated with the lack of organization a house half packed can be. We have a very busy week ahead of ourselves besides working and Monkey boys Preschool. I need to try to recover from this cold that the children have decided to give to me. I cannot wait to be in our new house and unpack and get organized. I love to organize and am looking forward to unpacking and finding new homes for all our stuff. Since I'm fighting this cold my Husband had been pretty much all the packing. I hope I can get some boxes done today. Little by little it will all be done, and we will be enjoying this new chapter of our lives.

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Amy said...

Good luck with the new house and move..